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Behind the scenes at Coolblue

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On how we develop software, and using hypermedia in API's

Aligning business and development, 'wowing' customers through an amazing experience and building the right things right. Nick will tell you all about how take on this challenge, while Victor shares insights on the use of hypermedia in RESTful API's.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Walk-in & food
Welcome & introduction
Amaze, always by Nick Lenten
How do you make a customer smile? How do you make a visitor return? Every day, our e-commerce development teams work on stuff to put more 'wow' in your Coolblue experience. Nick will talk about how we work, prioritize, develop, focus, experiment, and have fun doing that.
Get some hypermedia up in your API by Victor Welling
A quick introduction to the worst abbreviation ever conceived and the most overlooked aspect of REST: HATEOAS, or Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State. I'll show you how using hypermedia in your API can help you further decouple your client from your API's structure as well as move even more business logic out of the client. All of this using working - fingers crossed - code examples.
Tour of our office

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