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Behind the scenes at Coolblue

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DevOps, IT architecture, API's, distributed systems and scalability

Last June, the first edition of the Behind the Scenes event took place and it turned out to be a major success. The numbers didn't lie: the event was graded with a beautiful 8.7! Due to this success we have decided to organize the exact same event again. Why? So that you have the possibility to come and see it yourself. See you August 12th?

Do you want to know everything about DevOps, IT architecture, API's, distributed systems and scalability? Yes? Then you absolutely have to attend this inspirational Behind the scenes event. Sign in directly by clicking the apply button. What will it cost you? Nothing! Just a few hours of your time. But we ensure you, you will get a very energetic and inspiring evening in return.

Keep in mind that we only have room for the first 100 attendees, so our advice is to apply quickly!

Tuesday August 12th, 2014

18:15     Arrival & sandwiches
From 18:15 on, we'll serve some sandwiches in order to avoid that you'll get hungry during the event. This is optional, of course.

19:00     Welcome by Anneke Keller (Manager IT Development)

19:05     1st presentation by Pieter Zwart (CEO)
At Coolblue, everything and everyone is constantly focused on making customers happy. In fact, making them happy is not sufficient; the aim is to actually amaze them! During this 30-minute lecture, Pieter (36) takes you behind the scenes at Coolblue where everything revolves around customer satisfaction and growth.
In 100 slides, Pieter will explain you how an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction is key for a turnover from 0 to 251 million euros.

20:10     2nd presentation: Victor Welling (Software Architect)
Take a peek behind the curtain and learn how Coolblue designs and builds her systems to sustain future growth, on a business, development and operational level. How we build a Coolblue API and use continuous deployment to make the next release as easy as grabbing a coffee - and that's regardless of whether just a single line of code is involved, or a whole new environment needs to be spooled up. How we make sure our developers are up to speed and productive as quick as possible in an environment with a broad range of technologies being used. How we know our systems are working the way they should be. Or not.
This session is for everyone who is interested in taking a look at systems from an architectural level or just wants to know how we do things.

21:00     Guided tour

21:30     Drinks

22:15     The end

What Behind the Scenes looks like


Coolblue Head Office
Weena 664
3012 CN Rotterdam

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