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Behind the scenes at Coolblue

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Building a back office system for 1200+ internal users

Want to find out how we solve the challenges Coolblue gets with rebuilding our own back office system, which will be used by more than 1200+ people? Usefull but ugly is not possible at Coolblue, we also need a slick design. But how are Designers and Developers working together peacefully? During this event our Designers and Developers will give you a peek Behind the Scenes and share their insights and lessons learned.

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Walk-in & food
Welcome & introduction
Continuous Deployment at Coolblue
Presentation by Niels Abels (Lead C# Developer) | We push our code straight to production. Insane, right? You be the judge after this talk, where we discuss the reasons, pitfalls and advantages of using Continuous Delivery at Coolblue.
On the shoulders of giants: Evolving a legacy system using C# micro-services and RabbitMQ
Presentation by Filipe Silva and Pat Hermens (Software Developers) | At Coolblue, we are currently rebuilding our back office system, but how do you do that in a way that keeps the existing 1200+ users happy at work? We will show you how we're doing it and how we solve the challenges of making two completely different architectures play nice together.
The UX nerd and you: How designers and engineers can work together in (semi-) perfect harmony
Presentation by Jeff Simons (Interaction Designer) | For years now, designers and developers have been facing it off like Godzilla and Megashark. But what if we could live in a world where that wouldn't be necessary, where designers learn from engineers and vice versa, and neither party requires a dictionary to work together? In our talk we discuss what we've learned working with software engineers and how we've found the silver bullet for working in perfect harmony.
Tour of our office

What's Behind the Scenes like?


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The Netherlands
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