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Behind the Scenes at Coolblue

Behind the Scenes - Data Science at Coolblue

During this Behind the Scenes event, you'll learn how Data Science is understood at Coolblue and three interesting examples of solutions running in our systems are going to be shown. You are going to see state-of-the-art methods running in a cluster and multi-thread!

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Thursday, April 18th 2019

Walk-in & food
Data Science... is it actually about the tooling? by Andres Martinez, Manager Data Science
Andres will briefly talk about how we conceive Data Science at Coolblue. How do we focus in adding value to the company, yet using state-of-the-arts algorithms and methods.
Forecasting product demand at scale using Gradient Boosting Methods by Mattias Schuurmans, Team Lead Data Science
For an e-commerce shop, it is key to offer the right products at the right time and get them from our warehouse to the customers doorstep within a day. At Coolblue we have built a solution based on Gradient Boosted Decision Trees (GBDT) that is able to accommodate our extremely diverse assortment of products, provides reliable predictions and enables informed decision making on a daily basis.
Distributing bids by keywords by Cheryl Zandvliet, Data Scientist
Google Adwords is a very important part of the marketing expenses. Every day we place bids on keywords in order to attract customers to our website. How much should we bid? Should we distribute biddings throughout the week? Something else? During this talk we will give you some insights on how we use a set of Machine Learning methods and advanced analytics so Coolblue optimizes its bidding!
How a product's price change affects to the whole category? by Alec Minnema, Senior Data Scientist
In addition to have a great delivery proposition and customer service, prices should be set and changed now and then. With the help of Machine Learning techniques we are able to indicate what products will be affected by a particular price change. This ensures that we keep a good product category management. In this talk, we will provide an example of how we apply Machine Learning techniques to this complex and very important matter!
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