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Behind the Scenes - Utilising Elastic Stack in .Net development

At Coolblue, we use the ELK stack (now Elastic stack) to collect and analyse errors across the whole company. Unfortunately (for us .Net back-office guys at least), integration isn't as simple as we'd hoped. Join us for this session where Pat will go through how we integrate with the Elastic Stack - from Development all the way to Production, and Nathan will discuss refactoring some of our existing applications to support this new requirement using the Mikado method.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

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Welcome & introduction
'Using the Elastic Stack as a .Net developer' by Pat Hermens, Lead C# Developer
In this talk, Pat will step us through how we integrate with the Elastic Stack here at Coolblue, using tooling like Log4Net, Serilog, Seq and Redis. Along the way, we'll get introduced to the role of each of these technologies, and as an added bonus, Pat will demo how we can set some of these tools up in Docker containers in order to aid our rapid development and testing feedback cycles.
'Safer Refactoring using The Mikado Method' by Nathan Johnstone, Technical Pathfinder
Anyone implementing changes in software knows that feeling when a seemingly trivial change cascades in a vast sea of unintended side effects and consequences. Or that feeling when you have a non-trivial change and you stare at your solution just knowing the pain that is about to ensue. The Mikado method introduces a pragmatic, simple and empirical methodology to plan and preform non-trival changes to an existing software system, and will help you when you encounter these situations.
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