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Behind the scenes at Coolblue

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Nginx + LUA, CQRS and Event Sourcing

Want to find out what Lua can do for your Nginx setup? Curious how CQRS and event sourcing can be useful for your application? During this event our developers and engineers will give you a peek Behind the Scenes at Coolblue and share with you their insights and lessons learned.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Walk-in & Food
Introduction by Anneke Keller (Manager IT Development)
Nginx + LUA by Victor Welling (Developer Evangelist)
A must for Nginx users! Find out how Lua - an easy to learn (especially for those versed in JavaScript) and fun programming language - can be used to write asynchronous applications that run inside the event loop of the Nginx web server process. In this talk we'll give you a short introduction to Lua, how to embed it in Nginx and how you can use it as an extension to your existing web applications.
Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing by Paul de Raaij (Software Developer)
Developers talk a lot about CQRS and Event Sourcing nowadays. This presentation will introduce you to these patterns following a demo application. Buzzwords that at least will be mentioned during the talk are Domain-Driven Design, Events, Command Buses and Bounded Contexts.
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