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4 dangers that make jumping on a trampoline unsafe

A hole in the jumping mat or too short a trampoline edge that does not overlap the feathers. They appear to be innocent defects, but they have major consequences for safety during the jumping trampoline. In this article we discuss 4 dangers that make trampoline jump unsafe. This prevents a ride to the emergency room.

A hole in the jumping mat or the safety net

A hole in the jumping mat

When you use a trampoline more often, user damage occurs automatically. Minor damage such as discolouration or a tear in the trampoline edge are not yet a disaster. A hole in the jumping mat or safety net is dangerous because these holes tear quickly if your child keeps jumping on the trampoline. A small hole will then automatically become larger and larger and the safety net and the jumping mat can even tear out. To prevent this, we recommend having these parts repaired or replaced. How do you do this? Read the article for this.

The incorrect (re) placement of your trampoline

Bend legs

You'll probably recognize it: you built your trampoline after a lot of drudgery and want to give it a nice place in your garden. If you do not lift the trampoline or in a wrong way, the legs can bend. As a result, the frame is no longer stable and trampoline jumping becomes unsafe. So, in the (re) placement, make sure that you lift the trampoline with several people at the same time. To anchor the legs more firmly, we recommend an anchor set. This way you can be sure that your trampoline is stable.

Jump with several children at the same time

Multiple children

It sounds fun; with multiple children jumping on the trampoline at the same time. Until you discover that the trampoline can not handle so much weight at all. As soon as several children jump at the same time, there will be more pressure and strength on the trampoline parts. This ensures possible damage to the components and can result in dangerous situations. 1 child can hardly exceed this maximum capacity. In addition, the trampoline remains more stable and lasts longer.

Uncovered feathers or a missing trampoline edge

Uncovered springs

Did you know that the trampoline is one of the most important parts of the trampoline? This overlaps the iron springs and the steel frame. This does not allow children's feet to intervene. A missing trampoline edge is therefore (life) dangerous. When the springs are not completely covered, this also results in dangerous situations. Your child only needs to land wrong once and his or her toes may come between the uncovered feathers. You should not think about it anyway. To make sure that your trampoline edge is wide enough, use your measuring tape or centimeter to draw a line from the outer spring hook to the end of the tube frame. Then add 5 centimeters to this.


As you read, there are quite a few dangers that make the trampoline jump unsafe. So check the trampoline parts regularly and check if there are holes in the jumping mat or the safety net. If you detect a hole, take your child directly off the trampoline and have the hole repaired. Also make sure that you always lift the trampoline with 2 people for extra stability. Never let your children jump on the trampoline at the same time and check if the trampoline edge completely covers the springs and the frame. When these matters are in order, you look with confidence to the beautiful jumping skills of your child.

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