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5 reasons to buy a new barbecue

Even your old, trusted barbecue will not last forever. If you take it out of the shed in the summer and you think: what does that thing look like, then maybe it's time for a new one. In this article I give you 5 reasons to buy a new barbecue.

1. The barbecue is rusted


Did the barbecue stand outside in the winter without a cover? Then you have a good chance that there will be rust spots on the material or that you have a rusted grill, because a barbecue grill will rust. Rust damages the material and weakens the construction. This can lead to dangerous situations. Does your barbecue have large rust spots? Then it may be time for a replacement.

2. You want to become a real grill master


Do you want to grill more than just a hamburger on your barbecue? Then you can opt for a barbecue with more preparation options. Consider, for example, a barbecue with a modular system where you remove a part from the bbq grid and fill it with modular accessories, such as a pizza stone. Thanks to this system you can also prepare pizzas or poffertjes on the barbecue. In addition, some barbecues come with a thermometer that is connected to an app so that you always cook the meat at the right temperature.

3. You want to barbecue for more people

Number of people

Made new friends? Does your daughter bring her new love for dinner? Then you need a barbecue with a larger cooking surface. That way you can prepare more dishes at the same time and your guests don't have to wait long for the food. Immediately get rid of that nagging.

4. You are always busy cleaning your barbecue for hours

Cleaning the barbecue

If it is 25 degrees outside, you would rather enjoy the balmy summer evening in your garden chair than having to clean. You usually clean a gas barbecue or electric barbecue faster than a charcoal barbecue. In addition, some barbecues have a bbq grill with a non-stick coating, which means that meat remains do not stick to it. Some barbecues also have an ash catcher, which makes it easy to throw away the ashes. That saves a lot of cleaning work.

5. Now is the moment

Now is the time

The barbecue season is coming. Therefore, don't be late in deciding. The earlier in the season you purchase a new barbecue, the longer you enjoy it.

Article by:
Julie Barbecue Expert.

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