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5 reasons to buy the Xbox One S

It's been over 3 years since we were introduced to the Xbox One, the successor to the successful Xbox 360. Time for an update, wouldn't you say? That update is the Xbox One S. A completely new console? No, but below you'll find 5 very good reasons to get an Xbox One S.

1. Watch movies and series in 4K

Movies and series in 4K

Unlike the Xbox One, the Xbox One S will let you watch all your movies and series as they were intended: in the full visual splendor of your Ultra HD 4K television. For instance, via the Xbox One S Netflix app, you can stream the newest series at the highest possible quality and watch the latest movies on UHD Blu-Ray.

2. Play games and watch movies with HDR support

HDR support

Speaking of new technologies, the Xbox One S also supports games, movies, and series with High Dynamic Range (HDR) optimization. HDR content shows colors in a natural way, while details in dark and black areas remain clearly visible. That way, you can see what's happening in the shadows when you're watching that scary movie, or keep opponents from surprising you when playing a gloomy level. In order to be able to use HDR, both the content as well as the TV have to support it.

3. It's smaller and more energy-efficient than the Xbox One

Smaller and more energy-efficient

The Xbox One S can do more with less: it is 40% smaller than its predecessor, including internal power. The Xbox, for example, takes up less space with your TV, but you have more functionality at your disposal. Also, the Xbox One S at maximum load up to 35% more efficient than the Xbox One. In addition, the Xbox One S remains an eye-catcher. It is a slim, white device where the just finished details are clearly visible.

4. Play games from the present and the past

Games from the past and present

The One S lets you play all the awesome Xbox One titles already available, as well as those still coming up. Watching movies and series is great, but as a hardcore gamer, you obviously prefer to use the console for a good gaming session. The lifelike colors and depth provided by HDR makes sure the action jumps from your screen, and the latest titles will look a lot more realistic. As a gamer, you've built quite a collection of games over the years. Don't sell your old Xbox 360 games at the flea market just yet, because the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One S means you'll be able to complete those old classics again.

5. Use the controller on all Windows 10 platforms

Windows 10 platforms

The new controller has improved handles, a wider range and can also be used with other Windows 10 devices via bluetooth. The handles of the One S controller are embossed, so that even at the most exciting levels you have the thumbsticks and your opponent firmly under your thumb. In addition to your Xbox, you also use the controller in combination with your Windows 10 PC, telephone and tablet. So you are always on top of the digital scoreboards with your trusted controller.

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