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5 tips for doing laundry sustainably

If you want to wash sustainably, dose the correct amount of detergent and fabric softener. For sustainable washing, also make sure that you use the eco cycle of your washing machine, or wash at a cold temperature, for example. Here you can read 5 tips about sustainable washing.

Sustainable washing

Washing machine with laundry

Use these tips if you want to wash sustainably:

  • Tip 1. Dose your detergent.
  • Tip 2. Wash a full drum of laundry.
  • Tip 3. Use the eco cycle or wash cold.
  • Tip 4. Select the right number of revolutions per minute.
  • Tip 5. Dry your laundry energy-efficiently.

Tip 1. Dose your detergent

Washing machine with automatic detergent feed

Never use too much detergent and fabric softener, because it's bad for the environment and for your clothes. Adjust the amount of detergent to the load of your laundry instead. You can see how many milliliters you need on the dosing advice of the detergent label. Do you want the washing machine to automatically dose your detergent and fabric softener? Choose a washing machine with automatic detergent dosing. This automatically adds the right amount of detergent, reducing the need for rinses. Your clothes will also last longer.

Tip 2. Wash a full drum of laundry

Washing machine with laundry

Preferably wash full drums of laundry, so you wash less often. Just make sure a fist can fit between the laundry and the top of the drum. Not always possible to fill the drum? Choose a washing machine with a load sensor. This way, the cycle adjusts to the amount of laundry, so you save water and energy.

Tip 3. Use the eco cycle or wash cold

Washing machine drum

To save energy, use the eco cycle instead of a regular wash cycle. You need a bit more patience with this, but you wash energy-efficiently. You can also use a cold wash program at 20°C or 30°C, especially if you have lightly to normally stained laundry. The detergent will clean your clothes. Your clothes also stay beautiful longer thanks to the low temperature.

Tip 4. Select the right RPM

Washing machine display

Drying your laundry in the dryer after washing? Choose a wash cycle with a high RPM. With 1400 or 1600 revolutions per minute, your laundry comes out of the drum relatively dry. As a result, your bedding doesn't have to be in the dryer as long, which saves energy. Do you prefer to hang your laundry to dry? Use a lower speed to save energy. Other than that, your laundry wears less quickly.

Tip 5. Dry your laundry energy-efficiently

Umbrella drying rack with laundry

The most sustainable way of drying is to dry your wet laundry on a drying rack or umbrella drying rack. Do you prefer a dryer for drying your laundry? Choose an energy-efficient dryer. With an A+++ heat pump dryer, you save up to € 75 on annual energy costs compared to a condenser dryer. This is better for the environment and your energy bill.

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