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5 tips if your fridge isn't cooling properly

If your fridge doesn't cool properly, that's definitely annoying. We'll share 5 tips that improve the cooling quality of your fridge, so your groceries won't go bad.

Improve cooling quality in 5 steps

Improve cooling quality

Try the tips below if your fridge isn't cooling properly.

  • Tip 1. Set it to the right temperature
  • Tip 2. Replace the door seal
  • Tip 3. Clean the condenser
  • Tip 4. Organize your groceries correctly
  • Tip 5. Defrost the freezer compartment

Tip 1: set it to the right temperature

Right temperature

The best cooling temperature is 4°C. This temperature gives your groceries the longest shelf life and prevents the spread of molds and bacteria. Check the temperature of your fridge and set it to 4°C. Does your fridge not have digital controls? Use a fridge thermometer to measure the temperature.

Tip 2: replace the door seal

Replace door seal

If the door seal of the fridge is worn out, hot air can enter into the fridge more easily. Check the seal for signs of wear or put a flash light in your fridge and aim it at the door. Do you see light coming through the door seal when you close the door? Time to replace the seal.

Tip 3: clean the condenser

Clean condenser

Does your fridge not have a covered condenser? It'll collect quite some dust over time. As a result, the fridge can't get rid of heat as easily, so it doesn't cool as well. That's why you should regularly remove the dust from the condenser. To do this, you turn off the fridge and clean the condenser with a soft brush or a cloth.

Tip 4: organize your groceries correctly

Organize groceries correctly

If your fridge doesn't have air circulation, you're dealing with different temperatures in the fridge compartment. The top will be warmer than the bottom. Keep this in mind when you store meat, cheese, and dairy. You should also make sure you don't place your groceries too close to the ventilation opening and wait until your leftovers are cooled down before you put them in the fridge.

Tip 5: defrost the freezer compartment

Defrost freezer compartment

Do you have a fridge with Low Frost or no anti-ice buildup at all? If there's a lot of ice in the freezer compartment, the fridge can't keep the inside as cool. You'll also pay more energy costs. When was the last time you defrosted your freezer? A freezer compartment with Low Frost needs to be defrosted about 2 times per year. If it doesn't have anti-ice buildup at all, you'll have to defrost 6 times per year.

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