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What do the abbreviations on a Tokina lens mean?

Tokina uses a number of abbreviations to indicate specifications of the lenses. Below you will find an explanation of the most important abbreviations.


AF stands for autofocus. That means the lens can focus automatically. This is a general abbreviation in photography.


The abbreviation AT-X means Advanced Technology Extra. You'll find this on all Tokina lenses with special types of glass.


Digital or DX lenses are only suitable for digital cameras with an APS-C sensor.


FX refers to a full-frame sensor. Lenses with this format are optimized for full-frame cameras, but can also be used on an APS-C camera.


Manual Focus is the lens setting that allows you to focus manually. Like AF, this is a general abbreviation.


NH stands for No Hood. The lens doesn't have a built-in lens hood, which allows for a wider image.


Focus Clutch Mechanism is a system that allows you to quickly switch between autofocus and manual focus.


This stands for Super Low Dispersion. Low-dispersion lens elements reduce chromatic aberration, which is a kind of purple fringing that occurs with very high contrast along sharp edges.


Lenses with VCM-S have image stabilization and an ultrasonic autofocus motor. The image stabilization compensates shaking of the hand and the ultrasonic autofocus motor focuses silently and quickly.

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