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How do I adjust the door hinge of my Exquisit dishwasher?

After installing your new Exquisit dishwasher, you have to do one more thing: adjust the balance of the door hinge. Otherwise, the door will close on its own or open completely. The adjustment is very easy and only takes 5 minutes. Read this step by step guide on how to proceed.

Step 1: look where the screw is

The screws you use to adjust the balance are on the bottom left and right or top left and right. In the table, you can see for each model where you can find the screws. Are they at the bottom? In that case, remove the baseboard first before you continue. If the screws are at the top, they might be hidden behind the rubber. Push the rubber aside so you can reach it.

Place of the screws for each model

Place of the screws
Exquisit EGSP9514E Below
Exquisit EGSP9614E Below
Exquisit EGSP292.1E Top

Step 2: turn the screws left or right

dishwasher open

If the dishwasher door opens too easily, turn both screws to the right. If the door closes, turn the screws to the left.

Step 3: check the door

dishwasher door

Check if the door now remains half open. Yes? In that case, you're done. Does it still open or close? In that case, repeat step 2.

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