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Which children's backpack does your little one need?

Finding the right size of backpack for your little one can sometimes be difficult. A children's backpack must be small but big enough for a lunch box, fruit and drinks. Or gym equipment when they go to elementary school. When they're older, some homework will be added. In short, there are different bags for different ages. In this article we explain everything.

Tips from the expert

  • Choose a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps so you don't have to throw it away immediately when your child grows.
  • Go for a backpack with a firm bottom so that the backpack doesn't break easily when it's regularly put on the ground.
  • Choose a backpack with a label on which you can mention the name of your little one and your phone number, so that he can come back to you when he's lost.
  • Of course, sometimes a drinking bag may leak in the bag. That's why it's useful to choose a bag that can be put in the washing machine.

What size do I need?

Size backpack preschooler

Toddler (6 liters)

A toddler doesn't have to bring much when they go to the playgroup. At most a lunch box, drinks, diapers, and wipes. Books and other school stuff are still unnecessary. That's why a model of about 6 liters is more than sufficient. Small children love fun and cheerful backpacks. A bag in a special theme such as Star Wars, Frozen or Minnie Mouse will certainly do well.

Size backpack toddler

Preschooler (6 to 13 liters)

Is your little one going to elementary school for the first time? If so, a children's backpack starting at 6 liters is sufficient for the first years. From group 3 and 4 onwards, children often need more stuff than just their lunchbox, like a binder or gym equipment. If so, choose a larger bag with a capacity between 11 and 13 liters. You see a lot less bags in the shape of a fish, snowman or with Minnie Mouse-ears in these groups.

Size school backpack toddler

Schoolchild (maximum 16 liters)

Homework, gym class, speaking engagements: children are already busy from group 5/6! Therefore choose a bag that offers enough space for exercise books, workbooks and gym equipment (about 16 liters). Do you want to purchase a bag that can also be used in first grade? Opt for a bigger size. Also pay attention to neutral colors and plain prints so that you don't necessarily have to buy a new bag when your child goes to high school.

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