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What do you keep in mind when buying an affordable drill?

You really won't need to splash too much cash when purchasing a drill, since you can get what you need for less than 50 bucks. What will that get you though? Can you expect the same things you get from a drill that sells for several hundred euros? No, of course you can't. However, it could be the case that an affordable drill provides exactly what you need. I'll gladly explain what you should pay attention to when purchasing an affordable drill.

Expensive vs affordable

Expensive drills

Expensive drills

Above a purchase price of 80 euros, drills can be called expensive. As a rule, the more you spend, the more you can expect when it comes to power, stamina, durability, and extras. Once you get to even higher price ranges, you'll find machines that a handyman would have in their van and that may be found in many workshops. State-of-the-art machines, of course, but for garden variety jobs, they're often a bit too much of a good thing.

Affordable drills

Affordable drills

Under 80 euros, we find drills for various purposes, but mainly for screwing and light drilling in and around the house. As far as elaborate extras go, this group doesn't offer you much. This means a fast battery charger, an accessory case, and work lighting are more likely to be a luxury than the default. All of that notwithstanding, though, an affordable drill may still meet your needs just fine. You would do well, though, to take certain things into consideration.


Electric drills

Drilling plaster, drilling wood, and screw work: all of these may, of course, be carried out using a drill, even an affordable drill. However, that's usually as far as you'll get with an affordable drill. You can definitely find impact drills for drilling stone and hammer drills for drilling concrete at a price that's not too high. Those machines, however, are often at the bottom of the range when it comes to what you may expect in the area of durability and robustness. On a drill for screwing and drilling the power and speed may also be a lot lower in the more affordable segment than on more expensive machines.

Battery life

Battery life drills

It would be too easy to claim that only expensive drills are suitable for long-term use, and that you should only use the more affordable ones for the odd hole and a few screws. You could, however, say that more expensive drills more usually happen to come with one or more batteries with a higher amperage, allowing you to keep DIYing longer. It's also the case that more expensive drills usually offer a more varied RPM for controlled drilling in various materials. If you plan to do some tough DIYing for a whole day, it's advisable to keep this in mind.


Durability drills

We don't sell drills we don't support, of course. That wouldn't be of any help to you, but it wouldn't be of any help to ourselves, either. What we do sell is drills that can be used at an intensity you might reasonably expect for their price. Take, for example, a 35-euro drill that has virtually the same specifications as a 200-euro drill. You simply can't assume the more affordable model will last just as long when used with the same intensity. The build quality will be fine, but not as good to ensure it will last just as long as the more expensive machine.


Accessory case drills

Of course, a large part of the price of a drill is made up by the material used, its durability, and its power supply. Since you don't get something for nothing, it's not surprising that any extras you'll find on a drill, or separately in the box, will increase the price. A 2nd battery will often cost about 20 bucks more. The same goes for an accessory case with a choice of bits and drill bits. A brushless motor, which you rarely find on affordable drills, will also hike up the price. Adjust your wishes when it comes to extras, and an affordable drill will often still perform very respectably.


An affordable drill may be a fine purchase. If you hang up a spice rack 1 time a year and occasionally screw some Swedish furniture together, the lower price range may be just perfect for you. However, if you DIY monthly, drilling and screwing into a variety of material, you'll definitely be better off spending some more on your drills. In the long run, it will be more than worth your purchase.

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