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Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT vs Philips AVENT SCD570 DECT

You're out. A DECT baby monitor fits best with you and your little wonder. That way you have a fault-free connection. A camera is not necessary, but you want the baby monitor to offer a number of extras such as a call-back function, night light and lullaby. The Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT and the Philips AVENT SCD570 DECT have to compete with each other. Both baby monitors are very similar in terms of specifications, but are still different. In this article you will learn more about the differences between these baby monitors.

In short

Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT Philips AVENT SCD570 DECT
The parent unit must last longer than 20 hours. Yes No
You prefer something more for a more luxurious design and use of materials. No Yes
You are a light sleeper, so a night mode is a must. No Yes
The parent unit must fit in or in your pocket. Yes No
You think you make a lot of use of silent notifications such as a vibrating alarm. No Yes
The fewer buttons, the better. Yes No

 1. Design


Appearance of the Alecto DBX-88

The Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT baby monitor is made of plastic. At first glance he looks less solid than Philips' baby monitor. That may be due to the simple design. Both the parent unit and the baby unit have a small LCD screen where you can read the temperature, the level of the battery and the range. The parent unit is small and fits easily in your hand. It has 5 buttons that allow you to operate the various functions.


Appearance of the Philips AVENT SCD570

The Philips AVENT SCD570 / 00 is also made of plastic. Yet he feels more firmly than the baby monitor from Alecto. In addition, more thought has been given to the design of the SCD570 / 00. The LCD screen on the parent unit shows the temperature, the level of the battery and the range. The baby unit does not have an LCD screen. If you want to know the temperature in the baby room, you always need the parent unit. This parent unit is slightly larger than that of Alecto, but fits easily in the hand. It has 7 buttons with which you operate the functions.

 2. Battery life

Lifetime Alecto

Battery life of the Alecto DBX-88

** For the active at home ** \ n \ nWith a maximum lifespan of 24 hours, the battery of this parent unit lasts for a relatively long time. Note: this only applies when the baby monitor is in eco mode and the batteries are fully charged. The battery life is very important when you move a lot through the house and are not near the charger.

Philips life span

Battery life of the Philips AVENT SCD570

** You are much in 1 room ** \ n \ nThe parent unit of the Philips AVENT lasts up to 18 hours. This is 6 hours less than the battery life of the Alecto baby monitor. Here too: you only get the 18 hours when the baby monitor is in eco mode and the batteries are fully charged.

 3. Notifications

Notifications Alecto

Notifications of the Alecto DBX-88

** Standard but good **

The Alecto DBX-88 has a number of fine features. You can comfort your little one with a night light, talk-back function or 1 of the 5 lullabies. You simply do this remotely via the parent unit, but you also operate the functions via the baby unit. The night light gives soft, green light in the form of 3 stars. In the field of notifications the baby monitor is not very extensive. Obviously you can hear your baby through the parent unit, but you can also switch it off. The small LED lights on the baby monitor will keep you informed of the sound in the baby room.

Notifications Philips

Notifications from the Philips AVENT SCD570

** Silent notifications **

The Philips AVENT SCD507 / 00 also features a night light, a call-back function and 5 lullabies. You enable these functions via the parent unit or baby unit. The night light has the shape of a crescent moon and gives warm, white light so your baby sleeps asleep again. The parent unit also has LED lights that show the level of sound. As an extra, this baby monitor has a vibrating function. The parent unit vibrates when your little one cries. Handy when you do not want to disturb others. In addition, the baby monitor has a night mode. The lights turn off so that you do not suffer from bright light when you want to go to sleep.

 4. Mobility

Mobility Alecto

Mobility of the Alecto DBX-88

** Trouser pocket model **

The parent unit of the Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT is small and fits well in the hand. At the back is a handy belt clip so you can easily attach the parent unit to your pants. So you have both hands free for example to prepare some food. Thanks to the compact size, the parent unit also fits easily in your pocket.

Mobility Philips

Mobility of the Philips AVENT SCD570

** Hang it around your neck **

The parent unit of the Philips AVENT baby monitor is slightly larger, but also fits comfortably. He just fits in the pocket. There is a hangover supplied so that you can wear it around your neck. You therefore have your hands free for other activities. If you stop the baby monitor, it will let you know if your little one is restless via the vibrating function.


The Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT and the Philips AVENT SCD570 DECT are very similar. Nevertheless, they differ in the number of functions, appearance and mobility. Do you care much about the appearance of the baby monitor and do you find it important that the baby monitor has silent notifications? Then choose the Philips AVENT baby monitor. This baby monitor has slightly more functions compared to the Alecto baby monitor and looks more luxurious. Do you not need these functions and is the call-back function, the night light and the lullabies enough for you? Then the Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT is the best baby monitor for you.

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