Stay fit at an older age by using fitness equipment

You're a bit older, but still want to keep up in terms of fitness. That's why you're looking for a fitness machine that'll help you build and maintain your endurance. You want a machine with low pedals and adjustable parts so you can work out comfortably. On top of that, you want to choose from accessible training programs, that aren't too intense.

Maintaining endurance on a bike

Do you like maintaining your endurance while cycling? If so, opt for an exercise bike with low pedals whose resistance you can increase in small steps. This way, you train your leg muscles, which will make you feel much more energetic.

Maintaining endurance while walking

Ellipticals allow you to make controlled movements while still working out intensely. Good ellipticals for senior citizens have adjustable parts and anti-slip pedals, so you can work out comfortably and safely.

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