Advice on Xbox One gaming setups

With the Xbox One in your TV cabinet you can go a long way in terms of gaming pleasure, but with our Xbox One gaming setups you can complete your playing experience. On this page you will find 3 ways to get the most out of your playing situation with your Xbox One gaming setup.

The best entry-level Xbox One gaming setup


After a long day on the couch, you prefer to play a few games of FIFA, Fortnite or Rocket League. With the entry-level setup for Xbox One, you get all the core supplies that you are always ready to play alone or with a few sizes. Now we hope that they can stand their loss!

The best Xbox One gaming setup for online games

Best Xbox games gaming setup online multiplayer gaming internet

The best Xbox One gaming setup for online games is for the gamer who always devours the HALO campaign with ease on Legendary and therefore prefers to search the battlefield online. Whether it is a shotty-sniper or a blood-curdling final circle in a battle-rich game, with this setup focused on online games with fast gameplay you are ready to show other players how it really should be done.

The best Xbox One setup for the best experience

Red Dead Redemption 2 cowboy hero finest experience Xbox One game

Do you prefer to be absorbed as much as possible in your game to enjoy audiovisual to the maximum? Then this is the best Xbox One setup for the best experience. With the most beautiful image, the best sound and the smoothest gaming experience, you go all the way in cinematic games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. You play games only as they are really intended, and that can cost a lot.

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