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Announced: Apple watchOS 7

During the WWDC on 22 June 2020, Apple announced a software update for Apple Watch: watchOS 7. This renewed operating system for the Apple Watch brings all kinds of new options and gadgets. For example, you can finally track your sleep with watchOS 7 thanks to the highly anticipated Sleep Tracker. In this article, you can everything you want to know about watchOS 7.

Software update for Apple Watch

Apple watchOS 7 new watch faces

With watchOS 7, Apple places even bigger emphasis on improving your health. The Apple Watch software update, watchOS 7, will be available for the Apple Watch Series 3 and newer this fall . To upgrade to watchOS 7, you need an Apple iPhone 6s or newer with iOS 13 or higher.

Sleep Tracker

It was highly requested and Apple listened. With watchOS 7, the Apple Watch finally has an integrated sleep tracker. The new Wind Down function ensures your Apple Watch and iPhone turn off notifications. You can easily set up Shortcuts to stick to your bedtime routine. When it's time to go to bed, the Apple Watch goes into sleep mode and the screen will be dimmed. The alarm clock makes gentle sounds or slight taps on your wrist. Your Apple Watch will greet you in the morning and give you insight into your sleep statistics of that night. You can also view the statistics on your iPhone.

Handwashing detection

Apple watchOS 7 handwashing detection

In the time of COVID-19, it's the smartest innovation of watchOS 7: Automatic Handwashing Detection. With watchOS 7, your Apple Wach automatically detects when and tracks how much time you spend washing your hands. You see a timer of 20 seconds on the watch that helps you wash your hands for long enough. If you stop before 20 seconds have passed, your Apple Watch asks you to keep going. Once you've spent sufficient time washing your hands, you feel taps on your wrist that lets you know you're done.

Share your watch faces with friends

In watchOS 7, there are more apps available for you to display on your watch face. Adjusting the watch faces is also easier. You can now share your favorite watch faces with your friends and family thanks to Face Sharing, and you can download useful watch faces from websites. That way, you always have the watch face that suits you. A number of new watch faces is also available, such as the Chronographic Pro watch face with a tachymeter that displays your speed, and an X-Large watch face with big digits and a rich complication in the middle.

Maps for cyclists

watchOS 7 maps cycling

Just like iOS 14, watchOS 7 allows you to determine bike routes via your watch with Maps. If you set a destination, the Apple Watch shows you different routes to get there. The Maps app also indicates where bike mechanics are located and whether you have to carry your bike up a flight of stairs.

More workouts in the Workout app

watchOS 7 Fitness Workout app

The Workout app has also been updated. The Dance workout has been expanded and improved, so it measures the number of calories burned even more precisely. For Core training, Functional Strength Training, and Cooldowns, the heart rate measurement and calorie measurement have been improved as well. The accompanying Activities app on the iPhone is renamed to Fitness. The app also gets a new design. This makes it easier to see your previous workouts in one overview.

Protect your hearing even better with the Noise app

watchOS 7 hearing protection

The Noise app was introduced with watchOS 6 and has been improved with watchOS 7. The app now measures the volume of the sound you play when wearing AirPods or headphones. You get a notification if the sound of your AirPods is too loud. The Apple Watch also tracks how many hours you spend listening to music at maximum volume in a week. You get a notification when you've reached the recommended maximum of 80 decibels per 40 hours, so you can protect your hearing for the future.

There is more...

Even more innovations are included with Apple watchOS 7. You can have Siri translate your conversations with people who speak a different language. The Shortcuts app also becomes available on the Apple Watch with this software update. Even more data is available and stored in the Health app, so you have better insight into your health. Time to start counting down the days until the watchOS 7 update is available.

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