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Apple launch updates & product information

On Tuesday 10 September at 19:00 sharp, the Apple Special Event 2019 started. During this event, Apple announced plenty of new products, including 3 new iPhone models, a new Apple iPad, and a brand new Apple Watch. On this page, you can read the latest news about the expected delivery date and availability.

The update in short

Expected availabililty Pre-order
Apple iPhone 11 20 September 18 & 19 September
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 20 September 18 & 19 September
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 20 September 18 & 19 September
Apple iPad 10.2 inches 30 September To be announced
Apple Watch Series 5 20 September To be announced
Apple Watch Series 5 Nike+ 4 October To be announced

Want to know more about our availability and release date?

Update 11-09-2019 | We're expect the first stock of the new iPhone models on 20 September. You can order it in advance via the pre-order button, starting 18 and 19 September. Be quick, because the stock is limited. In addition, we can already reveal that the first iPhone models will be available in all our stores in the Netherlands and Belgium on 20 September from 8:00. Reservations for store pickup aren't available. Make sure to check the store stock before you go. You can find the stock info on the product pages of the new iPhone models from 20 September.

  • Update 10-09-2019 * | Apple just announced a number of new products: the Apple iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Apple Watch Series 5, and the iPad 10.2 inches. You can't order these products yet, though. The new iPhone models and Apple Watch are expected to be available on 20 September, and the iPad should be available on 30 September. You find more information on how to pre-order on this page.

Did you miss the Keynote?

Did you miss the Apple Special Event 2019? No worries. Jasper, our Apple expert, summarized the Keynote for you in this video. He may not be Tim Cook, but he'll gladly show you the highlights of the Special Event.

Announced: iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11

At first glance, the iPhone 11 looks like its predecessor, the iPhone Xr, with the exception of 3 new colors: lavender, mint green, and light yellow. In addition, the new iPhone 11 has a dual camera, a 12-megapixel wide angle, and ultra wide angle camera. Switching between both cameras is a breeze, even in video mode. You can also take beautiful photos with the 12-megapixel selfie camera. In fact, you can even take selfies in slow motion. No matter the task, everything works faster on the new iPhone, thanks to the A13 Bionic chip. The fastest CPU and GPU in a smartphone ever.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max)

After the MacBook and iPad Pro, Apple now also launched the iPhone 11 Pro. This model comes in 2 sizes: 5.8 and 6.5 inches. In addition to Space Gray, Silver, and Gold, this iPhone also comes in a new color: Midnight Green. This new iPhone has a powerful A13 Bionic chip, but the most striking feature is the triple camera: a 12-megapixel wide angle, ultra wide angle, and telephoto lens. These lenses work together thanks to the smart chip. Were you impressed by the battery life of the iPhone Xs (Max)? The new Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) lasts 4 to 5 hours longer.

Announced: Apple Watch and iPad

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

The new Apple Watch is the Apple Watch Series 5. Wondering what the most striking feature is? The Apple Watch Series 5 has an always-on Retina display. The Watch will show the time and watch face at all times, even in the rest mode. That's great if you don't have your hands free to tap the screen and check the time. Even though your screen is always on, the battery will last 18 hours. In addition, the Watch has new functions, such as an integrated compass, and comes in a new titanium version (not available in the Netherlands).

Apple iPad 10.2 inches

Apple iPad (2019)

Apple just announced a new version of Apple's most popular iPad: the 9.7-inch iPad. The 7th generation iPad has a 10.2-inch screen. This model still has a home button, but there are a number of differences. The new iPad is twice as fast, the screen has a higher brightness, and even more pixels. Thanks to the smart connector, you can also connect a keyboard. That makes this iPad suitable for business users and students.

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