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Expert review Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4, also known as iWatch 4, is Apple's 4th generation smart watch. I'll test this model for you. I've been wearing the Apple Watch Series 3 around my wrist for some time now, so I'm very curious if and how this model will be able to surprise me. It's high time to test it myself! Note: Apple stopped producing the 4th generation smartwatch in September 2019.

From the box

Apple Watch 4 unboxing

When I open the box, the first thing I notice is the larger display. Before, I used to wear the Apple Watch 38mm, and the new sizes of the Series 4 are 40 and 44mm. I was afraid this would look very bulky on my wrist, but it's really not bad. The screen is larger, but the design is slimmer than before. This makes it more compact. Despite the model being only 2mm larger, I can see everything more clearly. Icons and text are larger, so it's easier to read notifications.

Fall detection

Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection

What I'm super curious about is fall detection, a new feature on the Series 4. This means the Apple Watch recognizes when I make a big fall. Don't respond within 1 minute? In that case, the Watch will automatically send out an SOS emergency call. Of course, this is mostly intended for older users, but I want to see if it works, so it's time to fall! I quickly notice that faking a fall doesn't work. I'll need to plant my face on the ground pretty hard if I want to test this feature. Which I didn't. Which is good, because I still have to go to the gym.

Working out

Working out with the Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is ideal for working out. I can monitor statistics and start new workouts like yoga and hiking. What I really like is that the Apple Watch Series 4 automatically starts workouts. This is ideal, because I sometimes forgot to start or stop a workout. When going for a walk, I receive a notification asking if I want to start a workout only after 15 minutes. That's a little late, but I also don't want to constantly be asked whether I want to start a workout whenever I'm walking. But especially with exercises, the automatic workout detection works perfectly.

Making phone calls

Making phone calls with the Apple Watch Series 4

After my workout, I receive a phone call. Answering phone calls on my wrist is really convenient, as long as it's a conversation everyone's allowed to hear. The speaker of the Series 4 is 50 percent louder than before, and I notice that right away. Even if it's windy outside, I can hear my friend on the other end of the line much more clearly. As a result, making phone calls with the Apple Watch is a lot better.


Apps on the Apple Watch Series 4

Everything I do on the Apple Watch 4 proceeds smoothly without any problems. Compared to the Series 3, the performance has supposedly doubled. I don't notice this difference until I switch the Apple Watch 4 with my old Series 3 at the end of the day, though. I notice it when I start an app, which happens just a bit more quickly on the Series 4. Despite these doubled performances, the battery life remains unchanged.


When I switch the Apple Watch Series 4 with the Apple Watch Series 3 at the end of the day, I secretly miss the new Apple Watch 4 a little bit. What I miss exactly? The speed with which I do everything, plus the fact that everything works a little better than before. What's really cool to me are the automatic workout detection and the improved speaker which makes it a lot easier to answer a phone call. The larger screen is also easier on the eyes, and the slimmer design is a little bit prettier. Better start saving up!

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