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How do you apply for a radio license for walkie-talkies?

You just bought a two-way radio. Before you can start using your two-way radio, you need a two-way radio license. Want to find out more about the application procedure? Or how you can modify, cancel, or transfer a two-way radio license? You can read it all in this article.

I want to request a two-way radio license

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Before you can start using your two-way radio, you need a two-way radio license. You can apply for a license with the Belgisch Instituut voor Postdiensten en Telecommunicatie (BIPT). Fill out the entire form and you're assigned your own frequency. This frequency can only be used with the two-radio(s) that were purchased by you.

I want to change my two-way radio license

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You've decided that your two-way radios have become obsolete and want to buy new ones. This is possible, but since the two-way radio license is paired with your current two-way radios, you need to pass on a change. By filling out this form you can cancel your current two-way radio license and carry it over to your new two-way radios.

I want to cancel my two-way radio license

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If you no longer wish to use your two-way radios, you need to cancel your two-way radio license. You can do this at any time. If you want to cancel your license in the middle of the year, you're recompensed for part of the cost. To cancel your two-way radio license, you must mail the original license back to the BIPT, signed with a note and date. You can also choose to carry over your license to someone else.

Frequently asked questions

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What does a two-way radio license cost? The costs for a two-way radio license can be divided into the application costs and the annual costs. Applying for a two-way radio license costs 375 euros (indexed) per service category.

How long is a two-way radio license valid? A two-way radio license for two-way radios remains valid for 5 years. In case your current license expires, you receive a written notification from the BIPT. At the same time, you're also given the opportunity to renew your two-way radio license.

I want to use multiple two-way radios. Is this more expensive? No, this isn't more expensive. The license costs are independent of the number of radios. As an organization, you only need 1 two-way radio license. This license applies to all two-way radios that are taken into use.

I own a company spread across multiple locations, how do I apply for a two-way radio license? If your company is spread across multiple locations, you need a separate two-way radio license for each location.

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