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Which backpack accessories are essential?

Preparation is half the battle. In addition to the obvious backpack items, also include accessories on your travel list and backpacking checklist. In this article, you can read how we make a backpack packing list and which essentials you shouldn't forget.

Protect your backpack, your things, and yourself

Flightbags and rain covers

Flightbags and rain covers

If you take your backpack on the plane, it's smart to purchase a flight bag. A flight bag protects your backpack in the hold of the aircraft, so your bag won't break. A rain cover is also handy for traveling, as backpacks aren't waterproof. Sometimes, a rain cover is supplied as standard.

Locks and moneybelts

Locks and moneybelts

A lock provides extra security. Close your flightbag or backpack with one and not everyone can access your stuff just like that. That's useful on the plane or in a hostel. In addition, a money belt is useful for keeping your valuables such as your passport and debit card close to you. That means you won't have to worry about pickpockets.

Make your journey as easy as possible

Clothing bags backpacks

Clothing bags

Clothing bags are a backpack essential. Clothing bags or clothing covers not only ensure that you take your clothing with you in an organized way, they also ensure that your things take up less space. Moreover, a cover protects your clothing against rain or dirt.

Travel adapters and power banks

Travel adapters and power banks

A travel adapter ensures that you can use your phone or camera wherever you are. A power bank is also indispensable. This way, you'll always have a charger on hand, even when you're not near a power outlet.

Extras of backpack accessories


Because you use your toilet bag every day, it's important that it's large enough but takes up little space. That's why we recommend a soft toiletry bag. Are you going hiking or trekking? With a drinking system, you can easily take water with you during your trip. That way, you can always stay hydrated.

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