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Bike bags for electric bikes

You have an e-bike and you enjoy cycling with a bike bag on your bike's rear rack. It's important to get a bike bag that fits on your bike. The battery on most electric bike is under the rear rack, which means some bike bags won't fit on the bike as well. 3 things you should pay attention to when purchasing a bike bag for an e-bike.

1. The space between the battery and your bike's rear rack

space between battery and bike rear rack

Choose a bike bag that's specially developed for e-bikes. Most bike bag brands have developed their own click systems. With those, you'll place a bike bag onto your bike's rear rack with a single movement, and you'll remove it again just as easily. You're e-bike's battery is probably between the rear rack and the mud guard. This means the space between the tube and the battery is too small for some attachment systems, since it might happen that the click system's hook won't fit between the tube and the battery. Does your e-bike have a battery on the back and do you want an attachment system like that? Choose one of the bike bags below.

2. Your bike rear rack's width

bike rear rack width

In some cases, because of the size of the battery, the bike rear rack is wider than on a regular city bike. Apart from the click system not fitting, this causes a new problem when purchasing a double bike bag. Many double bike bags are connected together by a connecting bridge. This connecting part often just fits across the rear rack and may not be adjustable. Some bike bags do have an adjustable connecting bridge, which makes the double bike bag suitable for all e-bikes with a rear rack. In case you're looking for a double bike bag for your e-bike, it's a good idea to pay attention to this. There are also bike bags without a connecting bridge, which don't have this problem.

3. A bike bag that attaches with velcro or belts

bike bag that attaches with velcro or belts

In case you don't want to use a click system, perhaps because you plan to leave your bike bag on your bike anyway, choose a bike bag that attaches with velcro or with a belt. That attachment method often requires less space between the battery and the rear rack tube. If you choose a double bike bag, do pay attention to the width of your rear rack and the connection bridge. Keep in mind that a bike bag with velcro doesn't attach as easily as a bike bag with a click system. Besides, the bike bag won't be as stably and firmly attached to your bike's rear rack.


If you're looking for a bike back for your e-bike, keep in mind that not just any bike bag will fit. Because of the battery placement, some click systems may not fit. Another possibility is a bike bag that you attach with velcro. In that case, remember that attachment using a click system is more user-friendly and more stable. If you're looking for a double bike bag, your bike's rear rack may be too wide for some bike bags. In short: choose a bike bag that fits your needs and your bike's rear rack. Of course, you also have the option to get a handlebar or front bag.

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