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How do I set up my Brodit phone mount and ProClip?

Have you purchased a Brodit car holder and a ProClip and do you want to know how to attach them? In this article we explain step by step how to mount the Brodit phone holder in your car. Within 10 minutes you mount your phone holder and you are ready for your road trip (or just for the traffic jam to the office).

What you need

  • the Proclip for your model car
  • plastic wedges (included with the ProClip)
  • screwdriver (small crosshead)
  • 4 screws (included with the Brodit telephone holder)
  • Brodit telephone holder, consisting of an intermediate piece and the holder itself (delivered assembled)
  • your telephone and your car (not included)

Step 1: Confirm ProClip

Place the ProClip in your car first, before you even get started with the phone holder. You attach most ProClips to your dashboard. You use the cracks around your dashboard to lock in the ProClip. There is usually a strip of double-sided tape on the bottom; with this you stick the bottom to your dashboard edge for some extra strength. With the included wedges you pry the gap slightly open and clamp the ProClip in it. Apply some pressure for this; eventually you hear a click and the ProClip is firmly attached. Test this by pulling it a bit.

Step 2: Adjust the universal telephone holder

Do you have an adjustable, universal phone holder instead of a device-specific model or is there a thick cover around your phone? Then first adjust your telephone holder. To do this, unscrew the 2 small screws (and not the large ones in the middle) until you can adjust the holder. Place your phone in the holder, press the sides firmly and then tighten the screws.

Step 3: Attach the spacer

Your Brodit telephone holder is supplied as one piece, but you attach the holder in two parts. First loosen the large screw in the middle, so that the spacer comes loose from the holder itself. You first have to screw this adapter into the ProClip with the 4 screws supplied. The ProClip is made of soft plastic, so you screw the screws directly into the ProClip. Tighten them securely.

Step 4: Attach and adjust the holder properly

Now take the holder and fasten it to the intermediate piece with the large screw in the middle. If you fully tighten the screw, the holder remains exactly in the same position. If you want to be able to turn the holder a little, you just don't tighten the big screw completely.

Step 5: Place your telephone in the holder

The moment of truth: place your phone in the holder and see if everything is OK. Does your phone not fit? Then you may not have adjusted your holder properly. Can't see your phone screen properly? Then loosen the screw in the middle to tilt the holder a little. Is everything correct? Just drive!

Article by:
Bob Telephone Holder Specialist.

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