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How do you choose a calculator?

Are you going to buy a calculator? The choice depends on what you want to do with the calculator. For example, there are standard desk calculators for fast calculations and graphing calculators to plot all kinds of graphs with. We're happy to help you choose the right calculator for you.

Choose a calculator

Various calculators

There are many types of calculators for sale. We list 4 points of interest to make your choice easier. Ask yourself the following:

  1. What do you want to use the calculators for?
  2. Do you want a rechargeable calculator?
  3. Is a color screen important?
  4. Are there any other features that are important to you?

What do you want to use the calculator for?

Graphical calculator

Study: graphing calculator

As a student, you regularly use a calculator. It's important you can plot graphs, have a big screen, do math sums, and have an exam mode. Graphing calculators have these options. Schools usually recommend or mandate specific models.

Desk calculator

Fast calculations: desk calculator

With many professions or home use, a basic calculator is good enough. For fast calculations, user-friendliness is important. Don't know it by heart or prefer to calculate it with a calculator just to be sure? Desk calculators are suitable. These calculators often have a robust design and a long battery life.

Financial calculator

Finance: financial calculator

Do you often work with interest rates, loans, cash flows, and other financial matters? It's nice to have a calculator that calculates all that quickly. Financial calculators have many features that save you time. This way, you can quickly complete the administration or give the customer the right advice on time.

Do you want a rechargeable calculator?

Calculator with rechargeable battery

Rechargeable battery: via the USB cable

There are calculators with a rechargeable battery. You can easily charge these via a USB cable. You can charge via a socket, your PC, or even with a power bank in some cases. Charge the calculator regularly, so it won't run out of battery.

Calculator with solar cell

Solar cell: via solar energy

Some desk calculators have solar cells. These are often above or just below the display. The desk calculator doesn't have much computing power, so it uses less energy. You can be sure your calculator always has enough power.

Calculator with batteries

Batteries: replace when they're empty

Calculators that don't have a rechargeable battery use batteries. You usually need 4 AA batteries. If your calculator doesn't have a battery indicator, we recommend that you always keep spare batteries in your bag. Make sure your calculator doesn't fail when you have test, so you don't fail as a result.

Is a color display important?

Calculator with color display

Color display: better overview

Calculators with a color display give you more overview and clarity. This is useful when you have to plot multiple graphs and have to make connections between equations. The readability is much better. Not only because of the colors, but also because of the better resolution.

Calculator without color display

Black and white screen: no distinction

Most calculators don't have a color display. It's not a necessity, but it helps some users understand outcomings better. A calculator without a color display is relatively more affordable. If you don't think the colors add anything, the standard display is good enough for you.

Are there any other features that are important to you?

Calculator with backlight

Backlit display: work in the dark

There are calculators with an backlit display. This is useful when you work very early or until the late hours. This'll reduce the chance you copy the results incorrectly.

The number of lines on the display

Number of lines: better overview

Getting a calculator with 1 or even 11 lines? That depends on your wishes. More lines provide a better overview or more chaos. Think carefully about what you like.

Apps with calculators

Apps: programming

You can download apps and even games on the larger and more extensive calculators. A good example is the Python app. This teaches you how to program.

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