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3 reasons to choose an affordable baby monitor.

As an expecting parent, you're probably busy collecting all the new stuff for the baby. Along the way, you've realized that you've spent a fortune before even holding your baby in your arms. Want to save some money on an affordable baby monitor? That's certainly an option. I'll give you 3 reasons to buy the most affordable baby monitor. You can choose if you want to save money on a baby monitor, or on some other baby stuff.

1. An affordable baby monitor with basic functions is sufficient

Basic baby monitor

The cheapest baby monitor often only offers basic functions. It does what it's supposed to: transmit the sounds your baby makes. Whether it's crying or laughing. Most affordable baby monitors run on batteries as well as AC power. No stress if there's a power outage; your connection always works. Is the connection between the parent unit and the baby unit getting weaker? An LED will flash on affordable baby monitors. When it comes to other features, you're not impressed. 10 different lullabies, making camera recordings, measuring the humidity in the nursery; none of those are absolute necessities for you when choosing a baby monitor.

2. You don't need your baby monitor to have a camera

No camera on the baby monitor

Affordable baby monitors usually don't have a camera in the baby unit. For that, you'll have to spend a bit more, since it's unusual for affordable baby monitors to feature a camera. There are affordable video baby monitors, but you'll have to ask yourself if the quality of, for example, the screen on those is good enough for you. Ask yourself if seeing the baby while it's sleeping is what you expect to be doing. It might make you restless and stressed out about each toss and turn.

3. There are no affordable baby monitors with Internet

No Internet on affordable baby monitors

Smartphone baby monitors work using the Internet and offer many additional options and functions. That's why these aren't affordable baby monitors. You wouldn't go for a smartphone baby monitor if you don't want to spend a lot of money. By the way, smartphone baby monitors are more susceptible to interference and bad WiFi connections than basic baby monitors. Not something you like to think about when it comes to the connection between the parent unit and the baby unit of your baby monitor. If you are interested in a smartphone baby monitor, save money by not getting one with functions like measuring humidity and indoor and outdoor temperatures. Those things aren't particularly useful to expecting parents.

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