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Advice on ladders

Before you buy a ladder, it is wise to put a number of things at a glance. We will give you a push in the right direction with the questions below. Answer these questions yourself and you end up at a suitable ladder for you.

1. What level do you want to achieve?

Height of the ladder

First of all you decide on the height you want to work. It is so convenient that you reach enough height when you are on your ladder. The maximum height at which you are on the ladder is called headroom. When you are at that height and you fully extend, you get the working height. Up to this level your hands reach and it is possible to do jobs. The working height is approximately your headroom plus 2 meters. The working height you want to achieve thus determines how big the ladder should be.

2. Do you want to clean up the ladder easily?

Easy removal of the ladder

A large ladder is nice if you start at a considerable height. Remember that you have to clean up after use. Then it is so practical that you can also put it in your basement cupboard, shed or van. The minimum length of a ladder is the storage length. Ladders usually collapse after use or fold to a smaller size. You can fully slide in and out a telescope ladder. This allows you to achieve large working heights, but benefits from a compact storage length after him.

3. Do you want to use the ladder free-standing?

Use ladder free standing

In some cases you want to separate your ladder from the wall. For example, you will start working in the middle of a room. Indoors offers a kitchen staircase, stepladder or household staircase solution. You can also easily use a double staircase in the middle of your workspace. Outdoors you fold a folding ladder or a ladder in the stand, so you use it free standing.

4. Do you want to enter the ladder on two sides?

Double-sided ladder

Put down your ladder and enter it from both sides, you do that with a double walk-in staircase. Such a staircase ensures that you do not have to move the stairs if you want to enter it from the other side. In addition, you also have to be on a ladder together with someone to raise and confirm something, for example. Even then you use a double walk-in staircase.

5. Should the ladder be suitable for professional use?

Ladders for professional use

On your professional ladder you have some other requirements than the stairs in your basement cupboard that you use once in a while for a job at home. After all, you use such a professional variant on a daily basis, for a long period of time, and are likely to burden you more. In addition, it must meet other safety requirements than the ladder that you now and then conjure up. Are you a professional choice or a very fanatical do-it-yourselfer a reliable choice, always go for a professional ladder.

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