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Which Lifeproof cover do you need?

For a cover that protects against more than light scratches, you are good at Lifeproof. This manufacturer is known for its robust covers for Samsung and Apple. The Lifeproof Fre and Nuud covers are somewhat larger but offer the most protection; think of water resistance and fall protection. With the thinner Next and Slam covers, the original design of your phone is more visible.

Compare Lifeproof Fre, Nuud, Next and Slam

Fre Nuud Next Slam
Fall protection up to 2 meters height? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protection against snow and dust? Yes Yes Yes No
Waterproof to a depth of 2 meters? Yes Yes No No
Screen protector against scratches? Yes No No No
Original design of your phone visible? No No Yes yes
Are all openings closed? Yes Yes Partly No

Lifeproof Fre: ultimate protection

LifeProof Fre

Are you going to surf or join a mud run soon and do you want optimal protection for your phone? Lifeproof Fre cases offer complete protection for your phone: the sturdy back cover has a built-in screen protector, so your screen remains free from scratches. In addition, the Lifeproof Fre is waterproof; you use your phone according to Lifeproof for one hour at a depth of 2 meters. The cover also keeps dust and mud out and protects your phone in the event of a fall of up to 2 meters.

Lifeproof Nuud: work directly on your screen

Lifeproof Nuud

For a small number of devices, Lifeproof has the Nuud cases. Even with a Nuud case, you can carelessly use your phone under water, in the snow, or in the mud. The big difference with Fre is that Nuud doesn't have a built-in screen protector. Your screen remains free and operating your touchscreen will go smoothly. The disadvantage is that you can get scratches on your screen.

Lifeproof Next: less striking protection

Lifeproof Next

You do not have to swim with your phone under water, but do you for example go mountain biking or winter sports and do you want protection against splashing water, snow, mud and dust? That is what the Lifeproof Next is suitable for. This case also offers fall protection in the event of a fall of up to 2 meters. An advantage of this case compared to the Fre and Nuud is that it is thinner and has a transparent back. So you can see more of the original design of your device.

Lifeproof Slam: the thinnest cover

Lifeproof Slam

If you want fall protection, but also want to keep seeing the sleek design of your device, go for the Lifeproof Slam. This case protects your phone in the event of a fall of up to 2 meters, but it's not waterproof or dustproof. Because the case is slightly thicker than your phone, your screen is never directly on the table. This prevents scratches. The Slam is the thinnest Lifeproof case and has a transparent back; this does most justice to the original design of your device.

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