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Help choosing a watch

Don't know which smart watch, activity tracker, or sports watch to choose? Then think about what you want to use the watch for. The best watch for you depends on your purpose. Are you wondering if you have enough exercise in a day, do you want to keep track of your sports performance or do you want an extension of your smartphone? The ideal watch should offer the best support in this. At the same time, it is a shame if you pay too much for unnecessary specification. That is why I explain in this article which watch I would recommend.

Extension of your smartphone


Do you want to receive and reply to messages from your calendar, incoming calls and messages? Then the operating system is important. Depending on your smartphone you choose a watch with WatchOS, Tizen, or Wear OS. Thanks to the associated app store, these watches have the option to download apps to your watch, such as NS, Google Maps, Twitter, Instagram, or Buienradar.

  • Notifications of messages, agenda, e-mail and calls
  • Respond to messages and notifications.
  • Calling via the watch
  • Download apps in an app store

Working out

Runner with smartwatch

Recreational athlete

Do you often run or cycle and are you wondering what distance you cover and how fast you are? Then you need a watch that measures your distance, speed, route, and heart rate. It is not necessary to opt for extra functions, because they make the watch unnecessarily expensive. The best option for you is a basic class sports watch. With this you choose a watch that records all basic training data.

  • GPS: built-in and heart rate
  • Measure distance, speed and route
  • No unnecessary extras

Performance-oriented athlete

Are you training for a competition or do you want to break your personal records? Then I recommend you at least a built-in GPS. And a built-in heart rate sensor to gain insight into your condition. In addition, the Virtual Racer / Partner position is recommended. This helps you improve your performance.

  • GPS: built-in and heart rate
  • Measure distance, speed and route
  • Sport-specific extras

Daily activities and health

Smartwatch casual

If you are curious about your health and if you have enough exercise, then I recommend an activity tracker, basic class smart watch, or sports watch. They measure your number of steps, distance, calories, and sleep. These are often narrower bands with a screen on which you can see to what extent you have achieved your activity goal. Have you been sitting still for too long? Then you will receive a message to move.

  • Measure steps, distance, sleep, calorie burn
  • GPS: via smartphone
  • Optional: heart rate sensor

Hybrid watches: analog and smart

Hybrid watch

There are watches where you can't immediately tell that there are smart functions. These hybrid watches have both a traditional dial and the ability to connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You often receive a notification through a vibration or staggered hands when you have a message on your smartphone. The watch also keeps track of your steps, distance, calories and sleep. You do not view this data directly on the watch, but on the corresponding app on your smartphone.

  • Analog dial
  • Measure steps, distance, sleep, calorie burn
  • Notifications through light or vibration

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