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Waterproof case or waterproof phone?

Electronics and water aren't the best of friends, and you know it. Still, your smartphone is often near water, whether it's in the bathroom, in rain storms, or during a relaxing vacation by the pool. Accidents happen. Don't want to run the risk of water damage? Make sure you can keep using your phone in wet environments. There are two options: buy a waterproof smartphone, or put your phone in a waterproof case.

Option 1: buy a waterproof smartphone

Waterproof smartphone

Over the last few years, a lot of waterproof smartphones were released. You can find them in the ranges of Sony, Motorola, and Samsung. Devices by less well-known brands like Cat and Ruggear aren't just water, but also shock proof. The first waterproof smartphones had hatches to protect the devices' inputs against seeping humidity. Nowadays, these ports often have a waterproof coating, so you won't have to worry about them anymore. Take the third-generation Motorola Moto G and the Sony Xperia Z5 series, for example.

How waterproof is a waterproof smartphone?

The IP classification: you must've heard of it before. It consists of two numbers that indicate to what degree a device can stand impacts by external substances. The first number represents the protection against impacts, in which case 6 indicates that the device is fully dustproof, for example. The second represents water resistance. Pressure plays an important part here. The longer and deeper you take a phone under water, the higher the pressure the device has to endure. This can also be harmful.

Advantages and disadvantages of a waterproof smartphone

** Advantages of a waterproof smartphone **

  • You do not have to be afraid of a rain shower and you can take pictures in the pool.
  • You do not hide the design of your phone in a case to protect it from water .
  • The most recent waterproof smartphones have no covers on the ports, but a waterproof coating that protects the entrances.

** Disadvantages of a waterproof smartphone **

  • Not all waterproof smartphones are to the same extent water resistant. So pay close attention to the IP certification.
  • With some waterproof smartphones you have to be careful that all the covers are properly closed.
  • The fact that your smartphone is waterproof does not make it indestructible, a case is still useful, because an accident is in a small corner.
  • The range of waterproof smartphones is limited.

Option 2: put your phone in a waterproof case

Waterproof phone case

Have you set your sights on a smartphone that's not waterproof? A waterproof case is the perfect solution to prevent water damage. With a device-specific model, you can use the device while it's in the case. This is more difficult with universal cases. Those are rather meant for storing your smartphone if you're going canoeing in the Ardennes for a day or if you're going on an aquatic ride in a theme park. There are also waterproof cases that you can click into a mount on your bike. That's ideal if you want to track your GPS when you're biking with a chance of rain.

Advantages and disadvantages of waterproof cases

Advantages of a waterproof case

  • You won't have to be afraid of rain storms, and you can take pictures in the swimming pool.
  • In case of a lot of waterproof cases you can kill two birds with one stone: they're both water and shock proof.
  • Some waterproof cases are compatible with bike mounts, so you can keep using your smartphone while cycling in the rain.

Disadvantages of a waterproof case

  • Not all waterproof cases are equally waterproof. Keep an eye o nthe IP certification.
  • Waterproof cases are usually rather bulky.
  • You usually can't quickly use your phone if it's in a universal waterproof case.
  • Not all smartphones have device-specific waterproof cases.

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