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Advice on chainsaws

Few tools have a cooler image than a chainsaw. If you're working with it, you feel like the toughest guy (or girl, of course) in the world. There are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind when using a chainsaw. There's a difference between cutting down a full-grown oak, or simply cutting some small branches. Read here what kind of chainsaw is the best choice for you, depending on what you want to saw.

Which chainsaw for which job?

There's an important difference between wet wood and dry wood, and we're not talking about whether it's been raining or not. Wet wood is harder to saw and demands a chainsaw with more power and a long blade (the sawing part of a chainsaw). You're dealing with wet wood when you want to cut or cut down living trees. Dry wood is wood that you're using for the fireplace, or thick branches. In this case, you don't have to think about the chainsaw's power or the length of the blade.

Cutting down large, living trees

Cutting down large, living trees with a chainsaw

When we say large trees, we mean trees that have a trunk with a diameter of at least 35 centimeters. To cut down or cut this, we recommend to use a gasoline or electric chainsaw with a power of more than 2,000 watts. You're going to need this with large trees, since the deeper you're sawing, the harder the trunk is to cut down. You'll need a device with enough power to be able to pull the chain around the tree. If you're planning on cutting down large trees, we recommend a blade length of at least 35 centimeters. This way, you can make a good cut in 1 go and decide which way the tree is going to fall. Quite important.

Cutting down 'normal sized' living trees

Cutting down normal sized living trees with a chainsaw

Trees with a 'normal' size have trunks with a diameter of up to 35 centimeters. Cutting dry firewood is also a part of this category. For this, you should use a chainsaw with a blade length that's longer than 30 centimeters. Both gasoline chainsaws and electric chainsaws are suitable for cutting down trees with this thickness. Of course, the power of the engine is also important, but you can finish the job with a power of 1,500 watts. Chainsaws with this power often use AC power, so an extension cord will be necessary.

Thick branches and dry firewood

Sawing thick branches with a chainsaw

You can't only use a chainsaw to cut down entire trees. You can also use a chainsaw to cut thick branches and saw small, dry firewood. The power and blade length isn't that important for these jobs. You could consider opting for a battery chainsaw for work in a large garden. This way, you won't be hindered by an (extension) cord and have all the freedom of movement you need. Do you need to cut down some branches that are hard to reach? A telescopic chainsaw might come in handy. This gives you a couple of extra meters of reach, so you can also reach those high branches.

Safety first

Let it be clear that a chainsaw is not a toy that you can use on the first tree you see. Carelessness can cause bad accidents. Work gloves and safety goggles are also useful accessories to have when you're getting started with a chainsaw. Some models can make quite a lot of noise, so it may be nice (and wise) to wear hearing protection while working.

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