Which kitchen machine suits you best?

There are so many different kitchen machines to choose from. Do you need help? Hopefully, you're good after reading this article. We have named the main functions for each kitchen appliance, so that you know what you are using it for. This makes it easier to determine which kitchen machine is suitable for you.

Stand mixer

KitchenAid stand mixer with cupcakes

Main functions: Kneading, whisking, mixing. Y

You can use a stand mixer to whisk, knead, and mix ingredients. You process the ingredients in a large mixing bowl so that a lot of air is added, for an airy batter.

Suitable for me? A stand mixer is highly recommended if you like to bake. Think of making pies, cakes, quiches, macarons, and the like. You can use it for kneading heavy dough, such as bread dough and pizza dough.

  • Ideal for making light batter and kneading dough.
  • The options can be expanded with various attachments.
  • You must purchase additional attachments to expand the options.

Food processor

Kenwood food processor with ground cookies

Main functions: Cutting, chopping, grating, mashing.

You can use a food processor to cut, chop, grate, and mash ingredients. Various cutting discs, knives, and mixing bowls are supplied for this.

Suitable for me? A food processor is highly recommended if you like to cut ingredients quickly, in all possible forms. Think of cubes, slices, and strings. But the food processor can also prepare dips.

  • Ideal for fast cutting in the kitchen.
  • The options can be expanded with various attachments.
  • Not suitable for making light batter or kneading bread dough.

Cook processor

KitchenAid, red cook processor

Main functions: mash, cook, steam, and roast.

With a cook processor, you can mash, steam, and cook ingredients into a warm sauce or soup. You can also roast meat with it.

Suitable for me? A food processor is useful when you often make fresh sauces, soups, or stews, but also sometimes make cold dip sauces or a simple cookie dough.

  • Ideal for making hot sauces, soups and stews.
  • You can't chop onions with it and can't use it to make clear juice with it.


Magimix blender with pink smoothie

Main function: Mash and ice crush.

With a blender, you can mash ingredients into a smoothie, sauce, or soup.

Suitable for me? A blender is useful when you like to make fresh smoothies and cocktails. Some blenders have a soup program.

  • Ideal for making thick juices or sauces.
  • You can't chop onions with it and can't use it to make clear juice with it.

Hand mixer

Immersion mixer with mixer head, dough hooks, and mixing cup

With a hand mixer, you can mix pancake batter, whisk cream, and knead light types of dough, such as cookie dough. A hand mixer is less suitable for frequent use, since it takes a lot of time and arm strength.

Immersion blender

Immersion blender with ingredients

With an immersion blender, you can mash soups or sauces from a jug or directly from the pan. Is there a chopper included? If so, you can also chop an onion with it or make a dip with it.

Bread maker

Bread maker with bread

A bread maker kneads dough and immediately make a loaf of bread of it. Add the right ingredients and the bread maker does the work for you.

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