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3 claims about QLED TVs

Whenever a new technology is being developed, you can hardly escape all of the rumors going around. What should you believe, and what shouldn't you believe? Just like that, plenty of rumors were also being spread about QLED TVs. QLED TVs are supposed to feature a 100% color volume, while being a combination of OLED and Quantum dot. To provide you with a better overview, we've listed the most important and prevalent rumors. We'll address and confirm or debunk them one by one.

QLED is a combination of OLED and Quantum dot

Samsung's QLED doesn't combine both OLED and Quantum dot technologies. Wheres OLED employs self-lighting pixels and doesn't require a backlight, QLED TVs are still equipped with a traditional backlight. This doesn't make these TVs any less special, though. QLED TVs are an improved version of their LED/LCD counterparts. This makes for a completely new viewing experience.

Samsung QLED TVs feature 100% color volume

Samsung's QLED TVs have been awarded a certificate by the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE). With this, QLED TVs are world's first TVs to have been certified for a 100% color volume. This means that QLED TVs are able to display constantly display high quality images, regardless of the brightness level.

QLED has a better color range than OLED

The application of the Quantum dot technology allows for a better color depiction. Combined with a high brightness, QLED TVs depict a much better color gamut. This allows for colors to look natural, down to the smallest details.

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