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How do I clean and descale my filter?

You've got an air purifier, humidifier, or dehumidifier. Good job. The air quality in your house has your undivided attention. Of course, you didn't buy your air treatment device for nothing. You probably switch it on regularly, so the air quality rises to an optimal level. In order to maintain that level, you need to maintain the device. The filters are the most important in this case. Without clean filters, you can't improve air quality. We're happy to tell you how to keep the various filters clean.

1. HEPA filter

HEPA filters

What you need to know first of all is whether you've got a cleanable HEPA filter. Only cleanable HEPA filters can be cleaned. Non-cleanable HEPA filters can only be replaced. A HEPA filter removes fine dust particles from the air. To clean the filter, you need to remove dust from the grates.

Remove the HEPA filter from your air purifier. Hold the filter under the faucet. Slowly rub the grating of the filter with your hand. This will loosen up the dust particles. Switch sides and repeat this step. Place the filter in a dry spot and let it dry for 24 hours. When the filter is completely dry, you can put it back in your air purifier or humidifier.

If you use your air purifier normally, you should repeat the steps above once every 3 months. After 1 or 2 years, you'll have to replace the HEPA filter with a new one.

2. Carbon filter

Carbon filters

A carbon filter filters gases and nasty odors from the air. Gases and odors are stored in the filter, so they immediately disappear from the room.

To clean your carbon filter, regularly rinse it under a faucet. Make sure the water properly flows through both sides of the filter. Once you've given the filter a good rinse, leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. Only place the filter back into the air purifier, humidifier, or dehumidifier once it's completely dry.

When the air is contaminated with cigarette smoke, for example, the carbon filter needs replacing sooner. Take into account a replacement period of 1 year. In case of minimum air contamination in a house, the replacement period is 3 years on average.

3. Water filter

Water filter

A water filter filters limescale and other bacteria from the air. Cleaning a water filter is difficult. You could, for example, clean the filter with a limescale cleaner. Unfortunately, this won't get the filter back to 100% performance. That's why a water filter should also be considered a replacement product. Fortunately, we've got water filters in the assortment for each brand, and prices are relatively low.

4. Pre-filter


The pre-filter in an air purifier filters coarse dust particles from the air. It functions as a first 'container' before the finer dust particles are filtered from the air by the other filters. That's a good thing, too. The filters behind the pre-filter are generally more expensive.

Cleaning a pre-filter is pretty easy. Warm, soapy water or a good rinse under a faucet will usually do it. Before you place the pre-filter back into the air purifier, have it dry for 24 hours on average. Clean the pre-filter once ever 1 to 3 months for the best possible maintenance.

5. MTM HAF filter

MTM HAF filter

An MTM HAF filter is a complete filter cassette for an air purifier. The filter consists of a pre, carbon, and HEPA filter in 1. You can rinse all these individual filters under the faucet, and this also goes for this 3-in-1 filter. Thoroughly rinse the filter and let it dry for 24 hours before placing it back into the air purifier.

Depending on the use and maintenance, you should replace the filter once a year on average.

6. Vaporization filter and humidification filter


Vaporization filters for cold-water vaporizers ensure the fan of a humidifier can blow water into the room. That also goes for humidification filters. These filters cannot be cleaned. Replace the filter every 3 months in case of frequent use. Replace the vaporization filter of an ultrasonic humidifier every month.

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