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Cleaning a Neato robot vacuum's brush

A robot vacuum cleaner runs through dust and hair to clean your house. This makes the brush of the vacuum cleaner dirty. Clean the brush regularly. This way it lasts longer and at the same time you extend the life of the battery. In this article you can read how exactly you do this.

What do you need?

The brush of the Neato robot vacuum cleaner you clean in a few steps. Do this every month, or more often when there is a lot of dust and hair on the brush. This way you prevent the brushes from breaking quickly and keep the battery life of the robot optimal. To clean the brushes you only need a cleaning brush or small scissors outside the robot vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: turn around

Step 1: clean neato brush

We start by turning the robot vacuum cleaner. The brushes are at the bottom of the robot, so we put them on the top. Do this carefully. Many sensors are at the top of the robot. If they get damaged, they work less well. There is a chance that the robot will bump into obstacles or fall off the stairs.

Step 2: remove side brushes

Step 2: clean neato brush

You remove the side brushes by clicking them off the robot. The manual of your robot vacuum cleaner tells you exactly how to do this. Also do this carefully. Possible hairs and dust clouds you get from the side brushes in this step. This way you place the side brushes completely clean back on the robot. Are the side brushes in need of replacement? Then these are for sale separately.

Step 3: remove framework

Step 3: clean neato brush

To protect the central brush, almost every robot vacuum cleaner has a framework for this brush. You have to delete this first. How you do this exactly is also described in the manual of your robot vacuum cleaner.

Step 4: cleaning the brush

Step 4: Cleaning the neato brush

You remove the brush from the appliance and clean it with the supplied comb. Is no comb included or have you lost it? An old toothbrush also satisfies. Are there a lot of hair around the brush you need a small pair of scissors. Is the brush so dirty that you will not get it cleaned? Then it's time for a new brush.

Step 5: cleaning wheels

Step 5: clean neato brush

If you have removed the center brush from the robot, it is good to also clean it immediately. Also remove the dust here, if necessary with a damp cloth and cut out any stuck hairs.

Step 6: place back

Step 6: Cleaning the neato brush

Put the brush back in the appliance. Also click the brush frame back into the vacuum cleaner and finally the 2 side brushes. The robot vacuum cleaner is now ready to start the next cleaning round. Do you doubt whether you have put everything back correctly? The manual of your robot tells you exactly how to do this.

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