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Why only descaling your coffee machine is not enough

To properly maintain your coffee machine, do not just descale the machine. You also need to clean the parts regularly. We are happy to tell you why.

Cleaning, is not it the same as descaling?

clean and descale

No. When descaling, you only remove limescale, which is caused by the use of water. Coffee beans, on the other hand, contain natural fats and oils. This causes blockages and has a negative influence on the taste of your coffee. Moreover, it is a breeding ground for bacteria. That is why you also have to clean the inside of the machine. With filter, cup and pad machines the fats remain behind in the cups or filters and you do not have to clean the inside of the machine.

The brewing group

Clean brewing unit

Fully automatic machines often have a removable brew group. You remove it from the side, after which you rinse it with lukewarm water. Do not use soap and allow the unit to air dry. If you dry it with a cloth, lint may remain in the brew group. When the brew group is dry, grease the moving parts and the seals with a thin layer of silicone grease. Is the brew group not removable? Then you use special cleaning tablets. For specific instructions, consult the manual for your machine.

The pipes

clean pipes

Coffee grits and even old coffee stains in the machine undermine the taste of your freshly brewed coffee and, moreover, the parts of the machine are impeded in smoothly moving past each other. It is therefore important to flush the espresso machine lines before and after use. A fully automatic machine does this yourself, at a semi-automatic machine you carry out the operation. Cup or pad machines also regularly rinse with water to keep the coffee taste at the right level.

The milk parts

clean the milk system

If you have a machine with a milk foam function, you will have to battle with even more natural fats and lactic acids that affect the inside of your machine. You can clean a loose milk container with soapy water after each use. For the hard-to-reach parts such as the milk hose, use a special milk cleaner that you pour into the milk container and run through the milk circuit. In this way fat milk remnants are also treated within the system. A steam pipe you give after every use a strong blast of steam, so that also on the inside remains clean. Do you use an Aerocinno from Nespresso? Rinse immediately after use with cold water and wipe if necessary with a soft sponge. May sound contradictory, but if you use hot water, the milk fat burns and brown spots can occur.

So clean!

So cleaning your machine is different from decalcifying it. You clean the machine because otherwise a layer of fat from the coffee beans remains in the system and that makes your coffee bitter. In addition, the machine can eventually break if it, as it were, silt up. To rinse away coffee grit and coffee stains, run the machine with water before and after preparing the coffee. The use of milk also gives you some extra cleaning work. Parts that come into contact with milk can be cleaned daily, possibly with a special milk cleaner. Of course you take the case of your coffee machine with a damp cloth. This way he remains the eye-catcher on your kitchen counter. In short, if you not only use your coffee machine a lot, but also maintain it with love, you will enjoy it for years to come.

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Alexandra Coffee Machine Expert.

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