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Compare the Canon EOS M3 to the Canon Powershot G7 X II

Are you looking for a vlogging and photo camera? In that case, both the Canon EOS M3 and the Canon Powershot G7 X II are suitable. The only question is which one suits you best. Both cameras have WiFi, NFC, and a tiltable touchscreen. The difference between these 2 are their other specifications. The M3 has an changeable lens. The G7 X II is a compact camera that offers you a big zoom range. The other similarities between these cameras can be seen in the table below.

In short

Canon EOS M3 Canon Powershot G7 X
Image stabilization Yes, in the lens Yes, in the camera
Suitable for different lenses Yes No
Microphone input No No
Hot shoe for flash Yes No
Time-lapse video No Yes
Burst mode No Yes
Weight 336 grams 319 grams

Canon Powershot G7X

  • 20.9-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 4.2x optical zoom
  • WiFi and NFC
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  • The tiltable screen makes the camera suitable for vloggers.
  • You can easily operate the camera with the touchscreen.
  • With NFC, you can send images to your smartphone or printer effortlessly.
  • By photographing using the RAW size, you have a lot of freedom during post-processing.


  • There's no viewfinder for precise framing.
  • There's no microphone input.

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