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Compare the Fitbit Inspire 2 to the Fitbit Inspire HR

After a year and a half, Fitbit launched the successor to the Fitbit Inspire HR: the Fitbit Inspire 2. The Inspire 2 no longer has a physical button and is a lot lighter than its predecessor. You also get Fitbit Premium for free for a year if you buy the new model. We'll tell you more about the differences and similarities between the two models in this article.

Fitbit Inspire 2

Measures heart rate | GPS via smartphone | Shows smartphone notifications
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  • You have more insight into your health and can improve it with 1 year of free Fitbit Premium.
  • The tracker measures heart rate zones in the app, which helps you improve your fitness.
  • You receive notifications from your smartphone, so you won't miss a message or call anymore.
  • The Fitbit Inspire 2 receives GPS via your smartphone, so you have to take your phone with you to keep track of routes.
  • Fitbit isn't compatible with all Huawei smartphones.

Fitbit Inspire HR

  • With the integrated heart rate sensor, you can easily measure your heart rate via your wrist.
  • The tracker shows notifications and messages from your smartphone on the display.
  • You can also use the activity tracker while swimming, because it's waterproof.
  • The activity tracker doesn't have an integrated GPS sensor that measures your distance, speed, and route.
  • Fitbit isn't compatible with all Huawei smartphones.

Comparison Fitbit Inspire 2 and Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitbit Inspire HR
Physical button No Yes
Fitbit Premium 1 year for free No
Battery life Up to 10 days Up to 5 days
GPS GPS via smartphone No
Type of heart rate measurement Optical heart rate measurement Optical heart rate measurement


Fitbit Inspire 2 colors no physical button

Fitbit Inspire 2: no physical button

Some small things have changed about the look of the Fitbit Inspire. The physical button on the side has disappeared. The OLED screen of the Inspire 2 is now covered with Gorilla glass, a scratch-resistant type of glass. The watch case of the Inspire 2 is a lot lighter than that of the Inspire HR. The HR version weighs 16.3 grams, its successor only weighs 8.5 grams. The watch is less heavy on your wrist. The Inspire 2 is available in white, pink, and black.

Fitbit Inspire HR color physical button

Fitbit Inspire HR: physical button

The Fitbit Inspire HR still has a physical button on the side of the watch case. This allows you to navigate through various screens of Inspire HR. The Fitbit Inspire HR also has an OLED screen, but that screen is shielded with plastic instead of glass. Plastic is more sensitive to scratches than the Gorilla glass of the Inspire 2.

Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitbit Premium 1 year free

Fitbit Inspire 2: 1 year free

If you purchase a Fitbit Inspire 2, you get 1 year of Fitbit Premium for free. The Fitbit service gives you even more insight into your activities and health. You have access to hundreds of workouts with video instruction. Based on your activities, training schedules are created and you'll receive tips to improve your health. This way, you'll reach your fitness goals even faster.

Fitbit Inspire HR access to Coach

Fitbit Inspire HR: access to Coach, upgrade to Premium

With the Fitbit Inspire HR, you don't automatically get access to Fitbit Premium. You do have access to the Fitbit Coach app. The app offers paid or unpaid help during a training. You can watch workout videos or follow various sports programs. Some workouts require you to sign up for Fitbit Coach Premium before starting.


Fitbit Inspire 2: up to 10-day battery life

Fitbit Inspire 2: up to 10-day battery life

One change that you don't see on the outside is the battery life of the new Inspire. After one charge, the Inspire will last 2 to 10 days. You don't have to take the Fitbit Inspire 2 off that often to charge it.

Fitbit Inspire HR 5-day battery life

Fitbit Inspire HR: 5-day battery life

The battery life of the Fitbit Inspire HR is slightly lower. After 5 days, you have to recharge the Inspire HR.


Fitbit Inspire 2: GPS via smartphone, accept calls

Fitbit Inspire 2: GPS via smartphone, accept calls

Unlike its predecessor, the Inspire 2 does have the ability to track GPS. The activity tracker does need your smartphone for this. You'll have to take your phone with you if you go for a walk and don't want to get lost or keep track of your route in the Fitbit app. In addition, with the Inspire 2 you can accept or reject incoming calls.

Fitbit Inspire HR: no GPS sensor

Fitbit Inspire HR: no GPS sensor

The Fitbit Inspire HR doesn't have the option to track your location via GPS. With an HR watch on your wrist, you always need your smartphone to keep track of your running routes. It's not possible to accept incoming calls on the Fitbit Inspire HR.

Sports functions

Fitbit Inspire 2: VO2 max measurement, high heart rate notifications

Fitbit Inspire 2: VO2 max measurement, high heart rate notifications

The Fitbit Inspire 2 has some new sports features. This tracker can also track stairs now and you can adjust the sport profiles on the activity tracker. In addition, you can take a VO2 max measurement with the Fitbit Inspire 2. With this test, you gain insight into your fitness. It measures your body's ability to absorb oxygen. If you exercise too fanatically, the Inspire 2 will notify you when you exceed a heart rate zone.

Fitbit Inspire HR: good foundation

Fitbit Inspire HR: good foundation

The Fitbit Inspire HR was innovative when it came out, because it had a heart rate monitor. The original Inspire didn't have that. Now, the Inspire 2 has that heart rate monitor too, so you can keep an eye on your heart rate from your wrist. The Fitbit Inspire HR is still a good basic activity tracker to keep track of your daily activities.


Although the design of the Fitbit Inspire 2 isn't very innovative, some necessary changes were made underneath the Gorilla glass. For example, the Inspire 2 can keep track of GPS signals via your smartphone. That isn't possible with the Inspire HR. Because 1 year of free Fitbit Premium is included, you get even more out of your workouts and daily activities. Do you want to improve your health and get active? We recommend the Inspire 2. If counting steps is enough for you, the Inspire HR is right for you.

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