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Compare the Garmin Drive, DriveSmart, DriveAssist and DriveLuxe

You are planning to purchase a Garmin navigation system. But what requirements must your device meet? In terms of appearance they look alike, but if we compare the functions with each other there is indeed a difference. Do you want a basic navigation system or do you prefer an advanced device? In this article you read what the most important functions are per product line.

The differences

Garmin Drive Garmin DriveSmart Garmin DriveAssist Garmin Driveluxe
Parking information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Environmental warnings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Useful points via Tripadvisor / Foursquare Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smartphone notifications No Yes Yes Yes
Hands-free calls No Yes Yes Yes
Integrated dash cam No No Yes Yes
Updates via WiFi No Yes Yes Yes

Garmin Drive

Garmin Drive navigation system

The Garmin Drive is Garmin's basic model. The navigation system has the most important functions to get safely from A to B. Along the way you get various notifications that make you more aware of the situation around you. This way the device warns you when approaching sharp bends, speed cameras, school zones or traffic jams. If you sit behind the wheel too long you will receive a fatigue message. Time for a coffee break? On your screen you see popular restaurants, hotels or places of interest in the neighborhood. Almost at your final destination? The Garmin Drive models offer suggestions for parking spaces including rates.

Garmin DriveSmart

Garmin DriveSmart navigation system

The Garmin DriveSmart goes a step further than the Drive. In addition to improving your environmental awareness, you will not miss messages and phone calls while you are driving. The device has bluetooth to connect your smartphone. Notifications are displayed on the screen and you call hands-free. The system also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you automatically get new map updates as soon as you are near a Wi-Fi network.

Garmin DriveAssist

Garmin DriveAssist navigation system

Special about the Garmin DriveAssist is the built-in dashcam that captures your ride. If you make a collision, the camera images are saved automatically. Fortunately, the navigation system also helps you to prevent accidents by warning you when you, for example, unexpectedly change lanes. Are you near your final destination? Then the system switches to real-time camera images, so you see exactly where you have to drive.

Garmin DriveLuxe

GarminDriveLuxe navigation system

The Garmin DriveLuxe is a luxury navigation system in terms of design. The device has a metal housing, glass display and magnetic holder with which you can easily attach the system. The device also includes built-in Wi-Fi, with which you keep the software up-to-date, and bluetooth making you hands-free and receive messages. Furthermore, the navigation system gives useful warnings about your environment.

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