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Compare Google Home to the Google Home Mini

The Google Home is a speaker with built-in voice assistant. The smaller version of this speaker is the Google Home Mini. There is a considerable price difference between the speakers, which mainly has to do with the sound quality. In this article, we'll discuss all the differences between these two smart assistants.

Main differences between Google Home and Google Home Mini

Google Home Google Home Mini
Voice control Yes Yes
Extensive touch controls Yes No
Suitable as an assistant Yes Yes
Suitable for playing music Yes No
Link multiple speakers Yes Yes

Voice control

Google Home speakers

Both the Google Home and the Google Home Mini have voice control. With voice control you ask both devices to perform all kinds of tasks or answer questions. Think of turning on your smart lights, thermostat or music. If you have a Chromecast, you can also easily set up a Netflix series via voice control. Ask the assistant what time your first appointment is or what time football starts. Both the Google Home and the Mini recognize up to 6 different voices.

Playing music

Google Home: voice assistant and good speaker

The Google Home is a lot bigger than the Google Home Mini. The Home has 2 built-in speakers compared to 1 of the Mini. This gives the speaker a better sound and a higher volume. The speaker is also available as a voice assistant, to play your Spotify playlists on. Do you want to get more out of the sound? Then connect the speaker via a Chromecast to other speakers in your house.

Google Home Mini: voice assistant

The Google Home Mini is a voice assistant that helps you with daily conveniences. The speaker isn't as high-quality, which makes the Home Mini less suitable for playing music. It's possible to connect the Mini to other WiFi speakers in the house. This way, you can still play your favorite music with beautiful sound.


Google Home speaker

Google Home: touch operation

The Google Home has a touch control on the top of the speaker. By tapping or swiping on the top, you pause the voice assistant or your music, stop the alarm function and adjust the volume. The Google Home has a Mic on / off button that lets you turn the assistant on or off.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini: small in size

The Google Home Mini has a small size that makes this voice assistant easy to work in any room. The Mini also has touch control, but less accessible than the Home. Pausing the assistant or stopping an alarm is done by holding both sides of the Mini. You adjust the volume by tapping the left and right side. To switch off the microphone (and thus the assistant), you have to move a switch.


Are you looking for a voice assistant who can help you manage your calendar or read weather reports and sports results every day? The Google Home Mini is suitable for that, especially if you have other speakers at home. Do you want to play quality music yourself with the speech device and experience more user-friendliness with the touch control? The Google Home is the best choice for you.

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