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Compare the GoPro HERO 4 to the HERO 6

There it is: the GoPro HERO 6. Time to compare the action camera to its predecessors: the HERO 4 Black and the HERO Silver. The HERO 6 has a sleek appearance and is equipped with a touchscreen, a GP1 chip, and improved voice control. Read this comparison article to find out whether upgrading is worth your while.

Main differences between the GoPro HERO 4 and HERO 6

GoPro HERO 4 GoPro HERO 6
Guide mode No Yes
WiFi yes Yes
In low light No Yes
Image stabilization No Yes
Microphone input No Yes

On the inside

Technical specifications GoPro HERO 4

GoPro HERO 4

The HERO 4 Silver and the HERO Black look similar. On a technical level, the cameras are very different. Unlike the Black, the Silver has a touchscreen. The Black records images up to a maximum screen resolution of 4K at 30 fps. Both cameras are equipped with a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor. The included GoPro battery has a 1180mAh capacity, allowing you to record for about an hour and a half.

Technical specifications GoPro HERO 6

GoPro HERO 6

The most remarkable details are the GP1 chip and image stabilization that let you shoot fluid and stable images. You can control the action camera using voice control, which is convenient when you don't have your hands free. The device records in 4K at 60 fps. The 3 integrated microphones have noise reduction. They filter out annoying sounds like the wind, so these will be inaudible or barely audible on your audio recordings.


External features GoPro HERO 4

GoPro HERO 4

The HERO 4 Silver is equipped with a 2-inch touchscreen. The buttons on the action camera are pleasantly and logically located on the top and sides of the body. A robust external casing is included with purchase of the camera. This casing is waterproof to a depth of 40 meters. Conveniently, the Silver's touchscreen also works when it's inside the casing. The HERO 4 Silver and the HERO Black are lightweight, weighing in at 84 and 89 grams respectively.

External features GoPro HERO 6

GoPro HERO 6

The HERO 6's casing is waterproof up to 10 meters, so you won't need external casing during rain showers or in the pool. A separately available casing is needed to carry the camera down with you to a maximum depth of 60 meters. Other than that, the camera has a 2-inch touchscreen. The matte gray/black body has a rugged appearance.


Controls GoPro HERO 4

GoPro HERO 4

You can use both the buttons and the touchscreen to control the HERO 4. GoPro offers several editing apps – for iOS and Android – that you can use to edit videos and photos. Using these apps, you'll be able to add music and effects to your videos. Afterwards, you'll be able to share them wirelessly with the rest of the world via social media.

Controls GoPro HERO 6

GoPro HERO 6

In addition to the buttons and your smartphone, you can control the HERO 6 using your voice. This is done using commands such as: "GoPro, take a picture", "GoPro, start time lapse", or "GoPro, highlight". The Capture app allows you to control the action camera from a distance. Touching the touchscreen lets you zoom in and out.


Which action camera suits you best depends on what you're looking for. The HERO 4 Black and Silver are fine devices for recording all your activities and adventures, without any frills. Want more functionalities such as voice control, the touchscreen, image stabilization, and 3 microphones? In that case, the HERO 6 is better suited to your wishes.

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