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Compare the GoPro HERO to the HERO 5 and HERO 6

It is understandable that you no longer see the forest through the trees. The GoPro HERO, HERO 5 and HERO 6 look very similar in appearance. To create some order in this chaos, I have listed the differences between the 3 models. That way you know exactly which HERO suits you best.

In short

Image quality QHD and Full HD 4K and Full HD 4K and Full HD
Max. number of fps in 4K - 30 60
Max. number of fps in Full HD - 60 120
HDR photos No No Yes
Image stabilization Yes Yes Yes, advanced
Voice control Yes Yes (12 commands) Yes (13 commands)
WiFi Yes Yes Yes
GPS No Yes Yes

Image quality

Image quality HERO


The HERO has a resolution of 1440p. This image quality is also called Quad HD. QHD has a total of 4 times as many pixels as an image of Full HD quality. With this action camera you make videos of relatively good quality. Because of the image stabilization you do not suffer from motion blur. The resolution of the recordings makes your videos especially suitable for Youtube and other social media.

Image quality HERO 5


With the HERO 5 you film in 4K, which is the largest possible image quality. The image stabilizer ensures that your images always remain sharp. If you want to make a delayed recording, you can film with this GoPro camera in Full HD. Only in this resolution is it possible to film at 60 frames per second. You can create a real slow motion video (120 fps) with the HERO 5 in HD Ready.

Image quality HERO 6


The HERO 6 has advanced image stabilization that prevents jerky images even in the most extreme actions. In addition, you film in 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. A slow motion video (120 fps) is made in Full HD quality. So with the HERO 6 you can make slightly sharper images than with the HERO 5. You also have the possibility to make HDR photos with high contrast and vivid colors.


Operate HERO


Operating the HERO is easy via the LCD touchscreen and the buttons on the camera. In addition, you operate the device without hands via voice control. Very handy if you have the camera attached to your surf or snowboard.

Operate HERO 5


You can also operate the HERO 5 via an LCD touchscreen. In addition, you have access to a number of control buttons. If you want to have your hands free while taking pictures, use the voice control. In total, the camera recognizes 12 different voice commands.

Operate HERO 6


The HERO 6 can do just a bit more with regard to voice operation. The HERO 6 has a total of 13 voice commands. In addition, you use the touch screen and the buttons for operation. You also zoom in and out via the touchscreen. That is something that can not be done with HERO and HERO 5.

App, share and edit

GoPro app

All three models have built-in Wi-Fi. This way you can connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet via the GoPro app. In this app you view and edit your recordings. You also use the app as a remote control for, for example, making a group photo. With the Quik editing app, you can easily combine all your recordings into one cool video. This app is unfortunately only suitable for recordings made with the HERO 5 and HERO 6.


With the HERO you make good and stable recordings. The maximum image resolution makes the videos very suitable for sharing your recordings via social media. The HERO 5 is for the extreme athlete who likes to record his recordings in 4K and also wants to make slow motion videos. You choose the HERO 6 if you want to take videos and slow motion images in the best possible quality.

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