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Nikon D3500: the successor to the Nikon D3400

The appearance of the cameras is very similar. But what has changed about the Nikon D3400's successor? To get an answer to this question, I've compared the Nikon D3400 to the Nikon D3500. That way, you'll have a good view of the Nikon D3500 compared to the Nikon D3400.

Nikon D3500

24.2 megapixels, filming in Full HD 1080p | With bluetooth, without wifi and NFC | Includes 18-55mm lens
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  • Thanks to the versatile 18-55mm lens, you can make portrait, landscape, architecture, and street photographs.
  • The design has a deep grip, making the camera comfortable in your hand.
  • You quickly get to know the settings of the camera with the assist mode.


  • A tiltable screen for creating vlogs and selfies is missing.
  • No memory card is included.

In short

Nikon D3400 Nikon D3500
Image sensor APS-C, 24.2 mp APS-C, 24.2 mp
ISO range 100-25.600 100-25.600
Focus points 11 11
Video resolution Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
Connecting wirelessly Bluetooth Bluetooth
Tiltable touchscreen No No
Number of photos (with 1 battery) 1.200 1,550
Weight 445gr. 415gr


Usability D3400

D3400: suitable for the novice photographer

This camera is suitable for smartphone photographers who want to make more of their photos. With the help function, you learn the settings of the camera step by step. That way, you eventually complete it yourself. A touchscreen for easy adjustment of the settings is missing. For this, you use the buttons on the body. The buttons are located on the left and right of the screen. Thanks to the long battery life, you can take 1200 photos with a fully charged battery.

Usability D3500

D3500: entry model for novice photographers

This model is a camera for novice photographers. Like the D3400, the D3500 has an auxiliary function that explains the settings. A touchscreen is also missing with this camera. To adjust the camera settings, use the buttons on the body. All buttons are to the right of the screen. This allows you to operate the camera easily with one hand. This camera has a longer battery life than the D3400. You take 1550 photos with a fully charged battery.

Image quality

Image quality D3400

D3400: APS-C sensor with 24.2 megapixels

You take sharp pictures with the 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor. The images are processed quickly, allowing you to shoot at 5 frames per second. You record videos in Full HD quality. This produces detailed images. When you focus on your subject, you can choose from 11 focus points. You extend the ISO value to a maximum of 25,600. This also makes good photos in dark locations. Keep in mind that a high ISO value causes noise in your photos.

Image quality D3500

D3500: APS-C sensor with 24.2 megapixels

The image quality of the D3500 corresponds to that of the D3400. This body also contains a 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor with which you can take sharp pictures. You shoot at 5 frames per second. You capture detailed footage in Full HD quality. You choose from 11 focus points when you focus on your subject. In dark locations, the camera performs well thanks to the maximum ISO value of 25,600. If the ISO value is too high, noise will appear in your images.

Physical properties

Physical characteristics D3400

D3400: 445 grams

Due to its compact design and low weight, the camera is a bit like a mirrorless camera. The body weighs 445 grams, so you can easily hold it with one hand. In addition, the rubber grip ensures that the camera does not slide out of your hand. Despite the compact size, the camera has all the usual buttons. A tiltable screen is missing. This makes it more difficult to create vlogs or recordings from difficult angles.

Physical characteristics D3500

D3500: 415 grams

With its weight of 415 grams, the D3500 is even lighter than the D3400. Add the compact design and you have an SLR camera that you can easily take along with you. With the rubber grip, you can easily hold the camera with one hand. All the usual buttons are present on the body. This camera also doesn't have a tiltable screen for creating vlogs and photos from difficult corners.


There are few differences to be discovered between the Nikon D3400 and D3500. The Nikon D3500 and the D3400 are suitable for novice hobby photographers thanks to their help function. Take sharp pictures with the 24.2-megapixel sensor of the D3500. When you go out for a long day, you take more pictures with the D3500. This battery lasts longer than that of the D3400. In general, the Nikon D3500 is a good replacement for the Nikon D3400.

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