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Compare the Panasonic Lumix TZ90 with the Panasonic Lumix TZ100

If you are looking for a versatile compact camera that offers quality, you've come to the right place. Both the Panasonic Lumix TZ90 and the Panasonic Lumix TZ100 offer an excellent experience. Even so, they differ on a number of points. One lets zoom you in, the other offers higher image quality. In this comparison article, you can read all about the biggest differences.

In short

Lumix TZ90 Lumix TZ100
Image sensor 1/2.3", 20 megapixels 1", 20 megapixels
Zoom 30x 10x
ISO 90-6400 80-12800
Maximum video quality 4K 4K
4K functions video, photo, Post Focus video, photo, Post Focus
WiFi Yes Yes

Lumix TZ90

20.3-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor | 30x optical zoom | WiFi | 4K video function | Maximum aperture f/4.3
in stock


  • Thanks to the tilting display, you are flexible in choosing your position.
  • Thanks to the Post Focus function, you can adjust the depth of field of a photo after taking it.
  • You can zoom in on your subject without losing image quality.


  • You cannot mount an external flash on the camera.
  • No memory card included.

Lumix TZ100

20.1-megapixel MOS sensor | 10x optical zoom | WiFi | 4K video function | Maximum aperture f/2.8
no longer available


  • The 4K quality ensures lifelike images.
  • Thanks to the post focus function, you can move the focus area of a photo.


  • You cannot mount an external flash on this camera.
  • No memory card is included.


Versatile Lumix TZ90

Lumix TZ90

You can use this compact camera for all kinds of photography, such as macro, portrait, and landscape photography. The device has an optical 30x zoom. This corresponds approximately to a focal length of 24 to 720mm. You zoom in very far on your subject. The 1/2.3" sensor of 20 megapixels ensures that you lose as little quality as possible. In the dark, the camera performs less because of the maximum ISO of 6400.

Versatile Lumix TZ100

Lumix TZ100

The Lumix TZ100 lets you zoom in a little less. The camera has a 10x zoom, which is comparable with a focal length of 25-250mm. You can also use this device for all kinds of photography. The camera has a larger image sensor, a 1" sensor with 20 megapixels. This makes the sensor more light-sensitive and gives you more detail in your image. It also performs better in low-light situations. In total you have an ISO of up to 12,800.


Lumix TZ90 appearance

Lumix TZ90

A compact camera owes its name to its compact design. The TZ90 is nice and small, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. You do not need a separate photo bag. All control buttons that you need are on the device. The device also has a tilting touchscreen. This makes it an ideal vlog camera. The viewfinder helps you determine the frame during shooting.

Lumix TZ100 appearance

Lumix TZ100

The Lumix TZ100 is also nice and lightweight. It only weighs 310 grams. All control buttons that you need are present. This device has a nice extra in this area: an exposure dial. This allows you to adjust the exposure of your photo or video at lightning speed. The touchscreen on the camera is not tiltable. This makes it less suitable for recording vlogs and selfies than the TZ90. You can use the viewfinder to determine your frame more precisely.


Additional modes Lumix TZ90

Lumix TZ90

You will find all sorts of useful modes on this device. The intelligent car mode is especially useful for beginners. With this mode, you can take a good photo in no time. For the creative photographer, there are various filters and fun scenes for special photo situations. What makes this compact camera especially special are the 4K functions. You can record 4K videos with it, but you can also select a quality photo from these film series with the 4K photo function.

Additional modes Lumix TZ100

Lumix TZ100

Just like the TZ90, this camera has plenty of pre-programmed options that make it easier for the beginner. There are manual options for the advanced photographer, too. If you like to experiment, you can use the filters and interesting scenes. This device also has 4K functions. In addition to 4K video and photo, there is also a Post Focus function. With this, you determine the focus after taking the photo.


You can go use both compact cameras for plenty of situations. The TZ90 has a larger zoom, up to 30x. This allows you to zoom in a little further on your subjects. The TZ100 has a larger image sensor, so your images are of a better quality. You can also take better photos with it in dark situations. In terms of looks, the cameras are very similar. You can use both of them to make vlogs. Both devices also have 4K functions.

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