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Comparison between the Pocketbook Aqua 2, Touch HD 3, and Inkpad 3

At first glance, Pocketbook's various e-readers look fairly similar. But on closer inspection, you'll definitely notice the differences. For example, the Aqua 2 and the Touch HD 3 are water-resistant. The Inkpad 3 on the other hand is faster and has a larger and sharper screen. In this article, I'll discuss the differences between Pocketbook's e-readers.

In short

Aqua 2 Touch HD 3 Inkpad 3
Screen size 6 inches 6 inches 7.8-inch
Water-resistant Yes Yes No
SMARTlight No Yes Yes
Storage capacity 8GB (8000 books) 16GB (15,000 books) 8GB (8000 books)
Sharpness HD HD Full HD
Internal memory 256MB 512MB 1GB


Pocketbook Aqua 2 size waterproof

Aqua 2: 6-inch screen and waterproof

The Pocketbook Aqua 2 has a 6-inch HD screen, which is about as big as a postcard, so you can easily bring the Aqua 2 in your bag. Do you have trouble with the touchscreen? Use the buttons to turn the page or scroll through the menu. As the name suggests, the Aqua 2 is waterproof. So feel free to bring this e-reader to the pool on a holiday.

Pocketbook Touch HD 3 waterproof Bluetooth

Touch HD 3: waterproof and Bluetooth

The Pocketbook Touch HD 3 is also compact, thanks to the 6-inch HD screen. Weighing only 155 grams, you can easily hold this e-reader for a long time. The Touch HD 3 is waterproof, so kids playing in the pool won't be a threat. This model also has buttons to flip through the book. Thanks to Bluetooth, you won't get the cord of your headphones tangled when enjoying an audio book.

Pocketbook Inkpad 3 buttons design

Inkpad 3: 7.8-inch Full HD screen

The Full HD screen of the Pocketbook Inkpad 3 displays your e-books in razor-sharp detail. Because the 7.8-inch screen is relatively big, you don't have to turn pages as often. Compared to other Pocketbook models, it's notable that the Inkpad 3 isn't water-resistant, so be careful when you're sitting by the pool. Thanks to the buttons underneath the screen, you can also easily flip through your book when you don't really know how to use the touchscreen.


Pocketbook Aqua 2 storage

Aqua 2: 8000 books, 256MB RAM

The Pocketbook Aqua 2 has a storage capacity of 8GB, letting you easily store over 8000 e-books. The Aqua 2 doesn't have a memory card reader, so you can't add extra storage capacity. With the 256MB of RAM, you can't flip through the book and the menu very quickly. The Aqua 2 doesn't have SMARTlight, so you can't adjust the brightness and color temperature of the screen to your liking.

Pocketbook Touch HD 3 storage smartlight

Touch HD 3: 15,000 books and SMARTlight

Thanks to the 16GB of memory, you can store over 15,000 e-books on the Pocketbook Touch HD 3. As with the Aqua 2, you can't expand the storage capacity of the Touch HD 3. But because of the large storage capacity, you probably won't need to. With the 512MB of RAM, you can flip through the menu and your books fairly quickly. With SMARTlight, you can adjust the screen's brightness and color temperature to your liking.

Pocketbook Inkpad 3 storage smartlight

Inkpad 3: SMARTlight and quick responses

On the 8GB of memory of the Pocketbook Inkpad 3, you can store more than 8000 e-books. The e-reader also has room for a memory card. That means you can expand the memory card to 32GB, letting you store over 30,000 books more. Thanks to the large 1GB RAM, you can quickly flip through the menu and your book. The Inkpad 3 also has SMARTlight, so you'll always be reading with the brightness and color temperature of your preference.

Pocketbook Aqua 2

6-inch e-link screen | Waterproof | 8GB of storage space
no longer available
  • Thanks to the compact 6-inch screen, you can easily bring the Aqua 2 with you on a trip.
  • This e-reader is waterproof, so you don't need to worry about using it by the pool.
  • Because of the limited 256MB of RAM, the Aqua 2 isn't particularly fast.
  • The Pocketbook Aqua 2 doesn't have SMARTlight.

Pocketbook Touch HD 3

6-inch e-link screen | Waterproof | 16GB of storage space
in stock
  • This e-reader is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about using it by the pool.
  • Store over 15,000 books on the 16GB of memory.
  • Thanks to Bluetooth, you can enjoy your audio book with wireless headphones.
  • The HD screen is not as sharp as the Inkpad 3's Full HD screen.

Pocketbook Inkpad 3

7.8-inch e-ink screen | Not water-resistant | 8GB of storage space
in stock
  • The large, sharp Full HD screen makes the letters in your e-book extra legible.
  • Thanks to the 1GB of RAM, you can quickly flip through the menu and your books.
  • You can expand the storage capacity of the Inkpad 3 to 32GB with a memory card.
  • The Inkpad 3 isn't water-resistant.


A large difference between the Pocketbook e-readers is the water resistance. You can easily use the Aqua 2 and the Touch HD 3 by the pool. The Inkpad 3 isn't waterproof, but it's faster and has a bigger and sharper screen. Furthermore, the Aqua 2 can store less (audio) books than the other models. On top of that, the SMARTlight of the Touch HD 3 and Inkpad 3 puts less of a strain on your eyes.

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