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Compare: the Polar A360 to the Polar A370

In late May of 2017, the Polar A360's big brother was announced: the Polar A370. Even though at first sight, the two activity trackers might not seem to differ that much, the A370 offers quite a few interesting new options. Curious what the main differences between the A360 and the A370 are exactly? In this article, I'll be comparing the trackers.

Appearance and battery life

Polar A360: Color touchscreen, long battery life

The A360 features a characteristic rectangular touchscreen with a resolution of 80x160 pixels (13x27mm). The color screen is embedded in a waterproof plastic strap that you can easily switch out when you feel like a new color. The A360 comes in the following sizes: S (wrist circumference 130-170mm), M (wrist circumference 150-200mm), and L (wrist circumference 165-225mm). This means you should carefully measure your wrist to know what size you'll need. A big advantage of the A360 is its battery life, since its battery lasts for 2 weeks, as long as you turn off notifications.

Polar A370: Familiar design, different sizing

As far as the design goes, not a lot is new about the Polar A370. Here, we see the same rectangular color touchscreen again, with the same resolution and dimensions. The A370, again, has a removable strap. Polar did, however, choose to change the sizing for the A370, which comes in S and M/L sizes. Another change is the shorter battery life, since the A370's battery only lasts for 4 days, again as long as notifications are turned off. That's a big difference compared to its predecessor.

Heart rate

Polar A360 Heart rate zones

Polar A360: Heart rate zones and accuracy

If there's anything Polar is famous for, it must be its accurate heart rate sensors. Both the A360 and the A370 have a built-in sensor that measures your heart rate through your wrist. When you select 'My heart rate' on the A360 screen, the activity tracker will read your current heart rate. When you work out, the A360 will also tell you what heart rate zone you're in. This allows you to adjust your activity to the intensity you need to achieve your personal training goals. In order for your heart rate to be displayed accurately, you do need to wear the tracker a bit more tightly around your wrist.

Polar A370 Continue

Polar A370: Continuous heart rate measurement

As far as the heart rate sensor is concerned, the A370 has more to offer than the A360, since the A370 is Polar's first model that measures your heart rate 24 hours a day. The sensor will turn on every 5 minutes, which creates a detailed graph that's shown to you at the end of the day. When the tracker registers your heart rate suddenly being higher than usual, the A370 'knows' you're working out, and it will then take measurements continuously instead of once every 5 minute. This way, you'll record extra detailed information during your workout.


Polar A360

Polar A360: No GPS

The Polar A360 doesn't have a GPS sensor. You can't connect the tracker to GPS via your smartphone either. That means the A360 measures your speed and distance walked based on the frequency and intensity of your wrist movement. This also means that if you enjoy cycling, you can't measure your speed or distance cycled, because your wrist won't be moving as it would when walking or running.

Polar A370

Polar A370: GPS via smartphone

The A370 allows you to connect to your smartphone's GPS, after which your distance and speed will be measured via GPS instead of by your wrist movement. That's useful when running or walking, but it means cyclists can also measure their speed and distance from now on using the A370. Want to review your route at your leisure after working out? You can do that using the Polar Flow app.


Polar A360

Polar A360: Registers your sleep pattern

The Polar A360 analyzes the duration and quality of your sleep based on your wrist movement. It counts periods during which you don't move your wrist often as deep sleep. When you change positions or move a lot, the tracker will register that as restless sleep. The Polar Flow app allows you to monitor your sleep pattern over a longer period. This way, you can check if factors such as stress are affecting your night's rest.

Polar A370

Polar A370: Extremely detailed sleep measurement

The A370 measures your sleep based on both your heart rate and your wrist movement. The tracker registers when you fall asleep, how long you sleep (but also how long any interruptions of your night's rest take), and what the quality of your sleep is. That means it measures considerably more elements of your sleep than the A360. Polar Flow also allows you to follow your sleep pattern in the long term, enabling you to discover what's the right balance between rest and activity for you.


The Polar A360 and A370 are alike, and yet Polar has taken a big step toward the future with the A370. The A370 offers a lot of new options that are useful especially for athletes. Think of the accurate and continuous heart rate measurement and the possibility of measuring your speed, distance, and route via your smartphone's GPS. Don't need these new options? In that case, the Polar A360 remains a good choice.

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