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SodaStream: Spirit vs Crystal?

You have decided: a SodaStream sparkling water machine can't be missing on your countertop. But there are different models available, and you wonder what the differences are. Both the SodaStream Spirit and the Crystal turn tap water into sparkling water at the touch of a button. The difference between both models is the material, the bottles, purchase price, and appearance.

In short

SodaStream Spirit SodaStream Crystal
Material Plastic Stainless steel
Material bottles Plastic Glass
Dishwasher-safe bottle No Yes
Purchase price starting at € 62.95 € 95.99

Material: plastic or stainless steel

SodaStream Spirit

SodaStream Spirit

The casing of the SodaStream Spirit is made of plastic. This makes the sparkling water machine lightweight and easy to store. In addition, it has an attractive price tag. A disadvantage of the plastic casing is that it's damaged more quickly and is less sturdy. With intensive use, the material will eventually wear out and the device will need replacement sooner.

SodaStream Crystal

SodaStream Crystal

The partially stainless steel case of the Crystal is sturdy, durable, and heavy, so it firmly stands on your counter top. This comes in handy if you use the sparkling water machine every day. Because the casing is made of high-quality material, this sparkling water machine will last for years, even with frequent use. Because the sparkling water machine is somewhat heavier and larger, you can't store it as easily.

Type and number of bottles: for a small supply of sparkling water

Plastic SodaStream bottle

SodaStream Spirit

With the SodaStream Spirit, you receive one or more plastic bottles, depending on the set you buy. The bottles have a capacity of 1 liter. Due to the pressure that comes with adding carbonic acid, you have to replace the bottles after 3 years. You can still use the bottles for other drinks. The bottles are lightweight and can take a beating, so you can easily take them with you. The plastic bottles are not dishwasher safe.

Glass SodaStream bottle

SodaStream Crystal

The SodaStream Crystal contains one or more glass bottles with a capacity of 1 liter. The glass bottles are sturdy and have a luxurious look, so you can also use them as a carafe. In addition, glass doesn't take on any odor, color, or flavor. The glass bottles are fragile and heavy, so they're not suitable for traveling. You can easily clean the bottles in the dishwasher.

Costs: what can it cost

Spirit in use

SodaStream Spirit

The entry-level model of SodaStream is available from € 62.95. This is the standard model that includes one CO2 cylinder and a plastic bottle. With this cylinder, you can make approximately 60 liters of sparkling water. You can buy an extra cylinder package with 2 CO2 cylinders from € 25.99. Do you want to purchase extra bottles so that you have more sparkling water in stock? If so, you pay € 19.99 for 3 plastic bottles. That's € 6.66 per bottle.

Bottle in the Crystal

SodaStream Crystal

You can purchase the Crystal from € 95.99. You will receive one CO2 cylinder and a glass carafe. With this cylinder, you can make up to 60 liters of sparkling water. An extra cylinder package of 2 CO2 cylinders costs € 25.99. Do you want more bottles for storing a supply of sparkling water? If so, you pay € 24.99 for a set of 2 glass bottles, that's € 12.50 per bottle.


The difference between the Spirit and the Crystal is mainly in the material. The Spirit is made of plastic, which is less sturdy and lasts less long. You can easily take the bottles with you on the road. The Crystal is a lot more robust, thanks to the stainless steel casing and the glass bottles. You can clean the bottles in the dishwasher, but they're not suitable for traveling. The Spirit is especially suitable for occasional use and for sparkling water en route. The Crystal is especially suitable for intensive use at home.

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