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Apple iPhone Xr vs iPhone 8 Plus

A difference between the Apple iPhone Xr and Apple iPhone 8 Plus that immediately stands out is the design. Apple iPhone 8 Plus is recognizable by the classic iPhone model. Apple iPhone Xr, on the other hand, has a front-filling screen and no home button. In this article you can read all about the differences and similarities between Apple iPhone Xr and Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

64GB storage capacity | 5.5-inch Retina HD Display | iOS 13
no longer available

Unlock your phone with the fingerprint scanner. Take sharp photos with the dual camera with optical image stabilization. The device is water-resistant, so calling in the rain is no problem at all. The camera provides a small bulge on the back. No Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Jack Adapter is included to connect your mini jack headphones.

Apple iPhone Xr

64GB storage capacity | 6.1-inch Liquid Retina screen | iOS 13
in stock

Via Face ID you unlock the phone by simply looking at it. Thanks to the optical image stabilization you can take sharp photos even when you move. Thanks to the Qi support you can charge your phone wirelessly. The camera provides a small bulge on the back. No Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Jack Adapter is included to connect your mini jack headphones.

In short

iPhone Xr iPhone 8 Plus
Screen 6.1 inch HD Ready (720p) 5.5 inch Full HD (1080p)
Processor A12 Bionic Chip A11 Bionic Chip
Rear camera 12 MP wide angle lens Dual camera: 12 MP wide-angle lens and 12 MP telephoto lens
Front camera 7 MP 7 MP
Unlock Face ID Fingerprint scanner
Waterproofness IP67: up to 30 minutes and 1 meter deep under water IP67: up to 30 minutes and 1 meter deep under water
Weight 194 grams 202 grams
Casing Aluminum Aluminum
Dimensions 15.09x7.57x0.83 15.8 x 7.8 x 0.7

The design

Colors Xr

iPhone Xr: new design

With the Apple iPhone Xr, Apple used a different design than the classic design. The iPhone Xr no longer has a home button. The screen also extends from edge to edge. The case is completely made of glass and aluminum, just like the iPhone 8 Plus. With the 6 colors in which Apple iPhone Xr is available, I make my choice for an iPhone even more personal.

Colors 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus: classic design

The appearance of the iPhone 8 Plus matches the classic design. For example, it has a functional home button and borders on the top and bottom of the screen. Apple iPhone 8 Plus is only available in the 3 standard colors. The materials for the housing are the same for both devices.

The screen

6.1 inch sherm

iPhone Xr: 6.1 inches

Apple iPhone Xr has a 6.1 inch Liquid Retina screen; the largest LCD screen ever made for iPhone. This screen is a lot bigger than the 5.5 inch screen of the iPhone 8 Plus. However, with HD Ready (720p), the resolution is lower than that of iPhone 8 Plus. With the lack of 3D Touch, I miss a bit of functionality with this device.

5.5 inch screen

iPhone 8 Plus: 5.5 inches

The screen of Apple iPhone 8 Plus is a 5.5 inch Full HD screen. The screen is smaller than that of Apple iPhone Xr, but it has a better resolution (Full HD, 1080p). This makes the image on this iPhone sharper. The screen is also pressure sensitive (3D Touch). For example, I open a selection menu with my last edited files by pressing harder on the file app before opening it.


Unlock Face ID

iPhone Xr: Face ID

iPhone Xr has Face ID. I therefore unlock my iPhone Xr when my face is scanned. This is a substantial difference with the iPhone 8 Plus, where the fingerprint scanner on the home button gives me access to my iPhone. I see Face ID as the successor of the fingerprint scanner.

Unlock fingerprint scanner

iPhone 8 Plus: fingerprint scanner

With iPhone 8 Plus I set a fingerprint to unlock my iPhone. I touch the home button with my finger and thus unlock my iPhone 8 Plus when it recognizes my fingerprint. Compared to face id, the fingerprint scanner is an older method.

Performance and battery life

Performance and battery Xr

iPhone Xr: A12 Bionic chip

Apple has equipped the iPhone Xr with an A12 Bionic chip. This is faster and more powerful than the chip in iPhone 8 Plus. You also need to charge the battery less quickly than with the iPhone 8 Plus. You can charge this model both wirelessly and wired.

Performance and battery 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus: A11 Bionic chip

Just like iPhone Xr, you charge Apple iPhone 8 Plus both wired and wireless. Inside the Apple iPhone 8 Plus is an A11 Bionic chip. That is a lot less fast than the chip in the iPhone Xr, but still one of the fastest on the market.


Although Apple iPhone 8 Plus with the A11 Bionic chip is a very fast iPhone, iPhone Xr is just one step ahead with the newer A12 Bionic processor. The face ID function on Apple iPhone Xr is a future-oriented gadget that is missing on iPhone 8 Plus. With the front-filling screen of the iPhone Xr you can watch movies on a larger image, but lovers of the old iPhone design will still miss their beloved home button.

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