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Compare the LG NANO866NA to the NANO816NA

The LG NANO866NA and the NANO816NA are both televisions with a NanoCell screen. This screen layer has tiny particles that filter out unwanted colors for a clear color representation. The two televisions have a few differences in image quality. For example, the NANO866NA has a stronger processor and a faster refresh rate. In this article, you can read more about the differences between these TVs.


4K (UHD) | Smart TV: WebOS | 100Hz
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  • The NanoCell panel provides rich, pure colors.
  • The smart α7 processor ensures fast and accurate image editing.
  • Thanks to the 100Hz refresh rate, fast-moving images are displayed smoothly.
  • The WebOS operating system brings together live television, apps, and the internet in a clear overview.
  • Due to the edge lit local dimming, black parts of the image aren't always really black.


4K (UHD) | Smart TV: webOS | 50Hz
no longer available
  • The NanoCell panel provides rich, pure colors.
  • Thanks to the WebOS operating system, live television and apps are clearly arranged together.
  • Due to the edge lit local dimming, black parts of the image aren't always really black.
  • This TV doesn't have the α7 processor.

Comparison LG NANO866NA and NANO816NA

Screen technology NanoCell NanoCell
Resolution 4K (UHD) 4K (UHD)
Processor α7 Gen3 Quad-Core
Viewing angle Good Good
HDR support HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision HDR10, HLG
Refresh rate 100Hz 50Hz
Smart platform WebOS WebOS


NANO866NA a7 gen3 processor LG

NANO866NA: α7 gen3 processor

The NANO866NA features LG's smart α7 processor. This processor controls the image enhancement of the television. It uses a large database of images and videos to analyze and recognize the image. This way, you always see the correct color representation and brightness. The processor also automatically adjusts the audio to what you're watching. For example, the TV adjusts the sound when you're watching the news, so that the voices can be heard clearly.

NANO816NA Quad-Core processor

NANO816NA: Quad-Core

The NANO816NA has a less powerful and extensive processor than the NANO866NA. This processor doesn't use LG's database of images and it doesn't automatically recognize what you watch on TV. This means it's not a smart processor like the α7. But thanks to the 4 processor cores, the TV isn't exactly slow. The processor cores allow you to smoothly navigate through the WebOS smart platform and quickly switch between smart TV functions and live TV.

Refresh rate

NANO866NA: 100Hz refresh rate

NANO866NA: 100Hz

The NANO866NA has a refresh rate of 100Hz. This means that the TV shows 100 frames per second. If a video has fewer frames, the TV places extra ones between the existing images itself. This way, fast-paced movements look extra smooth. This technology works best when you watch sports matches or a fast action movie. You won't miss a moment of a corner kick during a soccer match or an exciting chase in a movie.

NANO816NA: 50Hz refresh rate

NANO816NA: 50Hz

The NANO816NA has a refresh rate of 50Hz, so it shows up to 50 frames per second. With a soap opera or most TV shows, you hardly notice the difference between 50Hz and 100Hz. You only see this difference when you watch videos that show a lot of fast-paced movements. A race car that's making a turn is less smoothly displayed on a 50Hz TV than on a 100Hz TV.

HDR support

NANO866NA: HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR support

NANO866NA: HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision

The NANO866NA supports the HDR formats HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision is useful if you like to watch and stream movies and series. Dolby Vision differs from other HDR formats because of its dynamic metadata. This means that the color data isn't the same for the entire video file, but different for every scene. This way, you can view the optimal color representation at every moment of the movie or series. Videos with Dolby Vision are available on various streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

NANO816NA: HDR10 and HLG HDR support

NANO816NA: HDR10 and HLG

The NANO816NA supports HDR formats HDR10 and HLG. HDR10 is the HDR standard and is available on all TVs with HDR support. This HDR format doesn't use dynamic metadata, like Dolby Vision. This means that the information about the colors of a movie or series is the same for the entire video file. As a result, the image sometimes makes a dark scene too bright, or a light scene too dark.


The LG NANO866NA and NANO816NA both offer a clear color representation, thanks to the NanoCell screen. But the NANO866NA excels in image quality, which allows you to view images with a clear color representation and smooth movements. Do you want to get more out of your favorite movies and series? We recommend the NANO866NA. Do you mainly watch live television? In that case, the NANO816NA is also a good choice for sharp and colorful images.

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